New build

  jontee 17:41 03 Aug 2006

Just put my first pc together (total novice)
Started it for the first time, lights came on all fans worked temp sensor worked etc. but I don`t seem to have any signal to the monitor, no messages just nothing. tried another graphics card still no signal, what have I done wrong?
Mobo MSI K9N Platinum ( AM2) Graphics card Asus EN7600GT.any advice would be welcome (not too technical ) thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 03 Aug 2006

1. check power to monitor
2. check monitor to card connection
4. check monitor on another PC)

4. ensure card is FULLY inserted in slot (can require a good push)
5. check if card requires a power plug from PSU.
6. check on board graphics disabled in BIOS if using seperate card.

  jontee 18:11 03 Aug 2006

Power to monitor, yes

Monitor to card appears ok ( did try other card)

Monitor does work on other pc

Card in all the way screw tight. dont think it needs seperate power supply ( fan on card is working)

How do I check bios setting? cant get signal to monitor yet, or is there something on the board

hope this helps

  rodriguez 18:16 03 Aug 2006

Try pulling out the graphics card and using the on board graphics instead (if there is no on board graphics there could be a hardware fault). If the on board graphics work, you can then get into the BIOS and change the graphics from on board to accelerated. When you exit the BIOS and save, it should go black and then only output graphics from the card. This is what i had to do a couple of times on computers at work, but they were a couple of years old. Normally the modern boards automatically switch from on board to accelerated when a card is detected, but sometimes they may still need to be switched in the BIOS.

  Totally-braindead 18:28 03 Aug 2006

Have to agree with the others, the most likely fault is the card not being pushed fully into the slot. As has been said it can require a really good push, the screw just secures it in place, if the card is not fully in the slot tightening it up will not help.
Regardless of whether the fan is going on the card this is no way of telling if it needs a seperate power supply or not, the fan will run anyway. Do you know the make/model of the card and did you receive any instructions?

  jontee 18:28 03 Aug 2006

There is no onboard graphics,but there is another pci slot called "pci express lite slot"
maybe I should give that a try?

  jontee 18:42 03 Aug 2006

I will check the card again (Asus En7600GT Nvidia) problem is once the locating tab is hard against the case the card wont go any futher, the card does seem tight and parralel to slot.but will try again.wont be on line for awhile so thanks for help.

  User-312386 18:50 03 Aug 2006

Do you get any POST beeps at all? Or does the motherboard fans come on?

  Totally-braindead 18:52 03 Aug 2006

I have found that when installing a graphics card in a new motherboard that I often have to put it in 2 or 3 times to get a good fit.
Depending on your motherboard there may be a power supply connector next to the graphics card that has to be connected though this type of connector is usually only needed when you have an SLI motherboard and are using 2 graphics cards. Have a look at your motherboard manual.
I would also make sure the PC case speaker is connected, this will give you a beep on startup and tell you what is wrong click here

  jontee 19:31 03 Aug 2006

No post beep, one of those tiny plastic speakers I swapped it round in case polarity was wrong still no beep. all fans come on temp display working etc.
tried the graphics card in another computer it works fine.

  User-312386 20:46 03 Aug 2006

it sounds liek you have not wired the mobo connectors up correctly

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