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  Bigarch 22:14 15 Nov 2005

I purchased a new motherboard, processor and fan and when I connected everything up the green light on the motherboard comes on but no fans, no processor reaction and no lights at on / off switch - can anybody advise? I used anti static strap and mat at all times.


  ade.h 22:27 15 Nov 2005

...if you can.

Memory modules. Are the DiMMs okay?

Is everything firmly seated correctly?

Has the PSU been used before?

Go through everything as methodically as possible, and be wary of providing power to the system for more than a few moments if the CPU fan does not function.

  Bigarch 22:41 15 Nov 2005


Thanks for the comments - everything appears to be seated correctly - the PSU has not been used before. I am only putting the power on for seconds at a time. Would it be worth trying using my old power source even though it is less than the power recommended e.g. 300 rather than 350

  ade.h 22:47 15 Nov 2005

Yes it would. It will be plenty enough power to run those components for a little while to test everything.

Also, check whether the DiMM slots run 1 2 3 4 or 4 3 2 1. The memory might be in the wrong slots. I'm sure you read the manual thoroughly but this is easily done if you don't notice (speaking from personal experience, my last motherboard was configured this way).

  DieSse 23:32 15 Nov 2005

Commonest cause is the on-off switch lead put to the wrong place on the motherboard - treble check it.

Also when you put the motherboard in the case, you need to remove and fixing posts that don't match with holes in the motherboard - otherwise they can short it out.

And if you put the floppy disk lead on wrongly - this can prevent powering up - take if off to test.

  DieSse 23:33 15 Nov 2005

That's the floppy drive power lead - not the ribbon cable.

  ade.h 17:48 16 Nov 2005

As Diesse says, the wires for the case/motherboard interface can be very difficult to get right. Motherboard manulas are not always very clear on the exact pin order, but the hardest bit is working out which wires are which if the case manufacturer didn't label them very well. I have had trial and error experiences with some case/motherobard combinations.

  djbenny 19:44 17 Nov 2005

does it make any beeps, iff soo look in the manual of the motherboard this will usually tell you what is wrong and you can work from there, if not it could be anything i think the main suspects are the cpu, memmory or even trhe graphics

  ade.h 19:48 17 Nov 2005

If one single part, such as the PCI bus, northbridge, CPU or a DiMM modules, has failed, you can normally expect to hear a beep code. If there is no beep, then it suggests that power is not getting through somewhere.

click here for all the beep codes for common BIOS types.

  Bigarch 20:22 17 Nov 2005

Thanks to ade.h, djbenny & dieSse for the comments.

I tried another power supply that I know is working but get the same response ie motherboard green light on but no beeps, sound or response from on off switches.

The memory can only go in one way and is fully seated, I have disconnected the floppy and have hooked up the wires from the case to motherboard OK I think. I am not entirely sure that the graphics card is working but would the rest not power up even if this was not operating?

Any other ideas appreciated.


  ade.h 20:33 17 Nov 2005

Yes, the memory can only go in one way round, insomuch as the notches stop you from reversing it. What I was wondering was which direction your slots go in; 1 2 3 4 from left to right as usual, or right to left as some Abit boards used to be?

My old KG7 was like this. When it was first installed, it took a while to realise that I had placed the DiMM in slot 4 rather than slot 1. They were not numbered on the board itself.

If all the parts work (try to test all of them in another installtion) I'm thinking along the same lines as Diesse. If the front panel jumpers are icorrectly wired, you won't get very much to happen.

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