new to broadband and two questions

  NChick 13:42 11 Dec 2008

After some initial problems, I'm using a Sky broadband connection. My Nintendo Wii has finally found and tested the wireless connection (to the Belkin router), but my Nintendo DS keeps reporting that "The access point's security settings are not supported by the Nintendo DS". It finds the connection ok but can't/won't connect.
I can't change the security settings yet because the provided set-up CD doesn't work :S, so any ideas what to do?
I asked Sky before ordering broadband if the wireless was compatible with Wii and DS, they said yes.
My other question is, due to cable lengths, I need to get a wireless adaptor so my desktop can connect to the router. What kind of thing do I need? I found this link - is this right?
click here

  CLONNEN 13:48 11 Dec 2008

What is the router model?

  CLONNEN 13:52 11 Dec 2008

Don't routers (even wireless ones) have to be connected to a PC via a wired connection for the initial setup (including the WPA encryption passphrase for accessing wireless). Mine did but I have a Netgear.

Have you tried this?

  CLONNEN 13:55 11 Dec 2008

You shouldn't need a setup cd to access the router settings page. The manual should state what it's default address is somewhere. Usually http: // (without the space)

But don't know what the default address for Belkin routers is. Theirs may be different.

  Technotiger 13:55 11 Dec 2008

That adapter should work fine - I used a similar one to connect a second desktop in a different room, to my BT HomeHub Router.

  NChick 14:03 11 Dec 2008

Yes, just looked at the back of the router and it's a netgear, not a belkin (in my defence, I've been very ill for a week!) :)
Yes, CLONNEN, the router has a wired set-up to the old laptop I'm currently using at present, but the CD was not used, I just plugged everything in to the right place as instructed by the manual.
The router model is "part number DG934G". should I try the link you suggested for the settings, CLONNEN?
Amazed at so many sudden responses, please keep them coming and thanks for the responses so far :)

  CLONNEN 14:17 11 Dec 2008

Try this webpage

click here

  CLONNEN 14:23 11 Dec 2008

That should get you into the router.

Does your setup cd have a pdf manual anywhere on it at all? That should tell you what needs to be entered for wireless settings.

  NChick 14:30 11 Dec 2008

I don't know about what the CD contains, it seems to be a bit finicky, so I'll try it later on my much more capable desktop.
I have all the info I need now but I'm worried about security so I won't be changing to WEP yet - so I won't be marking this as fixed, just yet.
Thanks for all the help - I need to go and have words with Sky - this isn't what I'd call "compatible" with DS. :S
Thanks again, all :)

  CLONNEN 14:41 11 Dec 2008

Just in case you wind up ditching the sky router here's how to find out your Sky Username and Password for broadband access so you can use a different router.

click here

  CLONNEN 14:54 11 Dec 2008

Here's something that might work for you :

The Netgear DG834G router works fine with DS, Wii and PSP. Unfortunately, the scant instructions provided with it are useless!!

1. Login to the router at http: // with username admin and password sky

2. Make sure that under the “Wireless Settings” the mode is set to “g & b”.

3. In Wireless Settings, make a note of the network name (SSID)…if there isn’t one, then put one in, anything will do, and make a note of it.

4. Make sure that ‘Enable Wireless Access Point’ is checked, change the security option to WEP (this is the only one the DS supports), then scroll down to where it says WEP Key.

5. Make a note of the code next to ‘Key 1?. If there aren’t any key codes there, then type something in the ‘passphrase’ box (anything will do, but try to remember it!) then click on ‘Generate’, which generates WEP Key codes. Then make a note of the code next to ‘Key 1? as I said before.

6. Click on ‘Apply’ to change your settings.

7. In the box on the left hand side of the screen, scroll down to ‘Set Password’ and change the password from ‘password’ to something a little more secure. I’d recommend this!

8. Again in the box on the left, scroll down to ‘Logout’ and click on it. Then close Internet Explorer.

9. On your DS, start the Wi Fi enabled game. Go into Nintendo Wi Fi Connection Settings, then any one of the connections (1, 2, or 3) settings.

10. Put in the SSID that you noted earlier from the router (your network name).

11. Put in the WEP Key code that you noted earlier from the router.

12. That’s it! Tap on ‘Test Connection’ and it should work! It’s now ready to use.

For extra security, you can go back into the router’s settings and restrict the router to only accept wireless devices with certain MAC addresses (go into ‘Wirelesss Settings’, then ‘Wireless Station Access List’. You can find out the DS’s MAC address by going into the Nintendo Wi-Fi Setup screen, then’Options’.

Hope that helps! Any problems, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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