New Broadband - Bad Downloads Speed

  RGB76 17:01 09 Nov 2009

Hello all

This is my first ever Broadband Account, I put the supplied Filters in place, and connected the Wireless Thomson TG 585v7 Router with Ethernet on 5th October and everything seemed to install OK, connected to Internet straight away, up to then I was very pleased, but when I went to download a program, my Download Speed was 15 Kbps and that`s all I`ve managed to get since then.

I opened a ticket with the isp`s Support to see if they could help me and also asked BT to check my line, BT says my line is alright and the isp`s Support says everything is alright at their end, and the fault lies with me.

If anyone can help me with this problem, or have heard of anyone else having the same kind of problem I would be very grateful, I have double checked the settings, as far as I can understand them,
bearing in mind that this is my first Broadband Connection, Five weeks on and I`m no better off, just very frustrated. I was told my line was OK for 6MB. (What A Joke)

Im on Dual Boot with Vista P / Windows 7 System E6400 Processor, Geforce 9500 GT Graphics plus 3 Gig Ram.

Kind Regards


  MAJ 17:04 09 Nov 2009

Who's your ISP?

  The Kestrel 17:04 09 Nov 2009

If you go into your router settings and look at the Router Status, what is your Downstream Connection Speed and also your Upstream Connection Speed?

  RGB76 18:50 09 Nov 2009


Maj, Plusnet

The Kestrel, How do I find the Router settings fo Upst6ream and Downstream.



  steviekm 18:54 09 Nov 2009

contact bt (or your service provider) and ask them to do a speed test. this will give you the (theoretical) max speed for your line. this will show you if the problem is with the line in or with your service provider/router etc.

  RGB76 18:55 09 Nov 2009


Maj It`s Plusnet.

The Kestrel, How do I find The Upstream and Downstream Figures.

Thankyou for Answering


  RGB76 19:06 09 Nov 2009

I have done speed tests on the BT site and these qare the results.
My DSL connection rate is Downstream 7616 Kbps Downstream and 448 Kbps Upstream.
For my connection, the ecceptable range of speed is 50-250 Kbps.
These figures where done on the 03-11.09
I had already done thes same sapeed tests when I was asked to do so by Plusnet about 10 days before.





  Quiller. 19:13 09 Nov 2009

speeds = 6 to 7 Mb connection. It could be the site you are downloading from or the time of day that is giving you poor speeds.

Try this speed test click here and post the results.

Download this ccleaner file and see how many seconds it takes.

  Quiller. 19:14 09 Nov 2009

click here @3.16Mb

  RGB76 19:16 09 Nov 2009

I`m getting in a right muddle with this, I click post response and it does it twice.
sorry for the mistakes.

  Quiller. 19:18 09 Nov 2009

It does that sometimes :-)

We've all done it.

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