New AVG..

  Stuartli 10:19 17 Apr 2005

..update (can't spot any posting)

  Forum Editor 10:37 17 Apr 2005

I've been running a different a/v application for a few months, and I'm very impressed.

click here for more information.

  rawprawn 10:37 17 Apr 2005
  rawprawn 10:40 17 Apr 2005

I ran it for about 18 months and I was very pleased, I just decided to have a change when AVG 7 was introduced.I think both are good and that it is not worthwhile paying for AV's.

  Stuartli 10:53 17 Apr 2005

In fairness to Lionheart, I've just spotted his posting re AVG.

Re Avast - several forum members have also commented on how good it has proved.

But I've always been satisfied with AVG.

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