New AMD socket

  Drazpaz 19:23 01 Jun 2004

I am thinking of buying a 64 bit AMD CPU (socket 754). But I have heard that they are phasing it out and introducing 939. Is this still true and how long should i wait before the new ones appear?

  rickimalone 19:53 01 Jun 2004

There is no date as of yet, it is always wait 6 months!!!!. I went ahead with the AMD64 3000+ as when I upgrade my CPU the motherboard gets upgraded as well with RAM most of the time.......

A realistic time will be next year as there looking to end (754) with the AMD64 4000+ which is ear marked for christmas.........

However they wont be cheap for at least 6-9 months after lauch, the prices of AMD64 + a good board have come right down with the 3000+ and Asus K8V Deluxe costing around £250!!!!!

  rickimalone 19:55 01 Jun 2004

see here for great prices:click here

  Sion 20:34 01 Jun 2004

Actually, AMD officially launched the new socket 939 chipset today !! The reviews of it are stunning, sorry to any Intel fans, but at the moment they have little comeback, and their recent canning of future Pentium chips means the are going to have to rethink their desktop strategy. But anyway, i ramble.

Socket 939 won't be availible en masse for a few months yet, and the launch chips will be a 3800 model, so it will not be cheap. Socket 754 however would not be a bad choice at the moment. If you get the 3000 chip it is more than powerful enough for todays programs, and in a year, if its tooo slow, you can always upgrade to the 3700 rated model.

The hardest thing about buying PC components is that you just KNOW the latest and greatest thing is always just around the corner !

  rickimalone 20:37 01 Jun 2004

Post a link asap this is the moment I have been waiting for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  Djohn 21:04 01 Jun 2004

click here for a review.

  Sion 10:13 02 Jun 2004

Alrighty then, reviews ! here ya go, a nice selection i think.

click here FIRING SQUAD click here= HEXUS click here AMD ZONE HARDOCP click here Tech Report click here ANANDTECH click here

I think thats enough !

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