new amd cpu

  rob***** 20:55 10 Aug 2006

hi there, i was needing a bit of help. ive just put a new amd 3500+ in a computer and now when i attempt to turn it on i seem to have lost all power. any ideas???

  sean-278262 20:57 10 Aug 2006

Check you turned the switch on the PSU back on. Also make sure on the mobo that the power input is attached.

If you could enlighten more as to the nature of the problem that "lost all power" we could help more.


  rob***** 21:03 10 Aug 2006

you will have to excuse me, i'm no computer expert. this is what ive done

1. disconnected computer from everything so no power going to it

2. removed fan from top of cpu

3. removed old cpu and replaced with new

4. connected everything back up as i took it to bits

now when i try and turn it on i get nothing at all, is there something i need to do after putting a new cpu in??

  ~#@@#~ 21:10 10 Aug 2006

Did you check that your motherboard could take a 3500+. Have you pluged in the 4 pin cpu power plug. Did you use new thermal paste when you change the heatsink and fan.

Do you know what the make and model of the motherboard is?

  rob***** 21:20 10 Aug 2006

yes the motherboad can take a 3500+. ive trying swapping back to my old cpu but still a get no power. i put everything back together as i took apart , i didnt disconnect any 4 pin power plug that im aware of. what is this? i didnt use new paste, is this a problem. sorry to sound a bit think but my mate said it was easy to swap them over even though i know little about it!!

  ~#@@#~ 21:59 10 Aug 2006

When you change a cpu over it is aways advisable to clean the heatsink and apply new thermal compound paste. This will stop the new cpu from overheating.

When you started the computer with the new cpu did it show the startup post screen or just nothing.

If it started to post then it is probably the paste. The computer has shut down to protect the cpu. If it did do that then you must clean the heatsink and apply new paste.

If you got nothing then you may have dislodged some components or connections. See if you have anything loose.

  rob***** 22:16 10 Aug 2006

'When you started the computer with the new cpu did it show the startup post screen or just nothing.'

nothing happens at all. it's as if its turned of at the mains

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