New AGP card playing up ??

  Furkin 14:01 02 Apr 2007

Hi guys,
I installed a new G.Force 6200 graphics card today,,,, but ran into a problem !
I left my monitor connected to it via VGA just to install it.
It seemed to work (after resetting Resolution etc) but then I noticed that most of the icons were all squiggly (technical term).
Then I noticed that all the desktop was squiggly.
I then tried it using DVI,,,, but get the very same problem.
The actual programs seem to be o.k apart from the icons/address bars etc.
If I go back to my ‘on-board’ graphics, all is well.
I have the resolution settings on 1280 x 1024 for the DVI monitor (HANNS-G 19”)
If I change the resolution, it sometimes looks o.k for a while,,,, but soon reverts to the squiggles. (can I attach a screenshot to these pages ?)
Any ideas please ?

  MAJ 14:20 02 Apr 2007

You can't attach an image but you can upload it to ImageShack click here and post the link to it here. Might be most useful.

  Furkin 14:33 02 Apr 2007

thanks MAJ,,,,
click here ?!?!

  Fingees 14:48 02 Apr 2007

I am wondering if it may be interference from somewher else in the computer, an ajacent card, perhaps. Is there any card really close, that you could move to another position?
It seems very likely to be, as anything poorly screened or very near to the avg card would be amplified a lot with the new card..

  Furkin 15:04 02 Apr 2007

I only have a modem in the bottom pci. Next 2 pci are empty. Then the dedicated AGP. There are 3 very thin white wires running across the board. I can't see where they terminate until I turn the machine off.
I'll run these wires under the board & have a better look where they go to. They are thin enough just to be LED leads etc. They connect to a block on the motherboard just above the card.
I'll turn it off,,,,,,,,,

  Furkin 15:18 02 Apr 2007

The thin wires go to the USB / Mic sockets on the front panel. Nothing in either at the moment. I have now re routed them below the card, but have the same trouble.

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