New ADSL wireless router thing

  prycey 19:46 08 Oct 2006

hi, i currently have a BT Voyager 205 ADSL modem, and it is an absolute piece of crap. it forever keeps disconnecting me, so i have to go to click here and reconnect, or go and reset it manually downstairs.

connected to that, i have a Linksys WAP11 (wireless access point). this is always a piece of *!@:, and is forever disconnecting me from my laptop, so i have to run downstairs and reset that again also.

i think it would just be easier to get a new all-in-one wireless ADSL router thing (not sure what you'd call it), unless anyone knows how to fix my modem/WAP. anything anyone would recommend?

i also have a Linksys wireless PCI card in my computer downstairs, from which both the modem and wireless access point are run. i'm not sure if this is relevant though!

  silverous 20:39 08 Oct 2006

BT kit isn't normally too bad in my experience, and Linksys is also usually ok. It may be that wireless and/or BT line are both the problem.

RE: Wireless issue, perhaps getting one of the more recent high speed ADSL wireless routers would give you better strength signal and less likely to drop?

I think it is worth spending a little more and ensuring you have a compatible router and wireless card (I would be tempted to add a wireless PCMCIA card to your laptop to ensure it is the same make and standard as the ADSL Router, less potential for compatibility issues then).

It isn't cheap but something like this?

click here

Worst case, just get a compatible 'bundle' (or matching card + adsl router) like this:

click here

I haven't used either but I don't think you can go far wrong with decent brands, a single ADSL/Wirless router and a matching card.

  Fingees 20:55 08 Oct 2006

I use a belkin modem/router,and can fully recommend them.

Together with the appropriate matching cards etc.

They can be purchased cheaper as bundled.

They carry a lifetime warranty, and free telephone helpline.

  prycey 17:49 09 Oct 2006

wait, so in what ways is the netgear one worth twice as much as the Belkin one?

  prycey 17:52 09 Oct 2006

also, i'm still unsure whether i'll need to buy a new card for my laptop and computer if i get a Belkin router, as i have Linksys cards at the moment

  picklefactory 19:25 10 Oct 2006

Just added a Linksys WAG354G-UK modem/router with WMP54G PCI adaptor. Easy to set up and working very nicely. £76 the lot off Ebuyer, inc VAT and delivery.

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