New address

  highside 09:44 01 Feb 2011

Hello all,
Any advice please on subject of changing my email address. Same ISP just e address & password changing due to spam etc, I am going to start again.
How can I copy my contacts list is there a way to copy to Word & paste someway into new contacts folder, any other helpful hints to make the transition as easy as possible?

Thanks for looking.

  rawprawn 09:58 01 Feb 2011

You don't need to change anything,just your email address.
To beat spam I have 4 email addresses
1. Financial Institutions Only
2. Friends
3. General use when you have to give an email address
4. Spare in case no 3 gets compromised and I delete it.
I get no spam.

  Ventad 10:41 01 Feb 2011

Same here Rawprawn I use the same type of system as yourself

  highside 11:05 01 Feb 2011

Thanks for replies. I do have the excellent mailwasherfree but lately there has been so much, have a huge blacklist but of course all from hotmail and never the same address.
I have had eamil for donkeys years never any spam but it started recently on the back of an email I received which was not addressed to me at all but to someone with the same ISP, guess it came via his chain type contacts.

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