A new AD-AWARE reference file (01R314 02.06.2004)

  NICK ADSL UK 21:57 02 Jun 2004

A new AD-AWARE reference file (01R314 02.06.2004) is now available.


A new reference file (01R314 02.06.2004) is now available.

Here is a breakdown explaining what is included:

New Items
WallaBar (3 variants)

Updated Items
iSearch Toolbar
NetPal (3 variants)
WhenU (2 variants)

Reference File Details
After updating, the detail-screen shows the following information:

Reference Number : 01R314 02.06.2004
Internal build : 246
Total size : 1201492 Bytes
Signature data size : 1181377 Bytes
Reference data size : 20051 Bytes
Signatures total : 26331
Target categories : 10
Target families : 491

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  Lionheart ? 21:59 02 Jun 2004

Thank you.

  VoG II 22:09 02 Jun 2004

Thanks. That's two today.

  Mat2 23:09 02 Jun 2004


  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:52 02 Jun 2004

This may sound realy dim but, what do you do with A new AD-AWARE reference file (01R314 02.06.2004) ??

  end 23:57 02 Jun 2004

and the other issue is, if one is not on " live" as I am not, then it does not scan actively while the compute is on, does it??? like Norton does ITs own thing " on the go".......( does that make sense??)

and, a thought;;; does the thing " combine " reference files if ther eARE two or more in one day or between one downloading.....( am I "making sense".....am extremely tired)

  hugh-265156 01:46 03 Jun 2004


  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:07 04 Jun 2004

oh do you

  Epocs 01:24 04 Jun 2004

You just install new reference files: open Ad-Aware and run web-update, one of the commands at the top with a globe and magnifying glass.

  hugh-265156 01:27 04 Jun 2004

adaware will run scan for spyware and allow you to remove it. the free version doesnt offer real time protection,i believe the paid for version does.

spywareblaster once updated is a good freeby to use along with adaware as this will stop spyware getting on to the computer in the first place click here

if there was for example, three updates in one day then you only need to get the latest one to be fully up to date.

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