parkhead 12:41 17 Oct 2010

Hi Guys,

Bought a new Acer desktop yesterday - brill - it is flying - BUT - cannot get any sound to my speakers - have plugged orange lead into orange socket - all the settings seem to be correct and all the indicators show music playing - tried the speakers in my laptop so they are okay - could it be a hardware problem with my new pc (I hope not)
- grateful for any advice.

  birdface 12:50 17 Oct 2010

Maybe try Services and scroll down to windows audio and make sure it is set to Automatic.
Or Control Panel.Sound.And configure.
or try Device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks beside your audio.Maybe driver needing updated

  GaT7 12:58 17 Oct 2010

As you're probably using digital speakers/SPDIF, check that it is enabled in your Win7 > Control Panel > Sound under the Playback tab.

If you're using analogue speakers, you should be plugging your speakers into the green port. And again check that the correct option is selected as above.

If the PC comes with a dedicated soundcard you should be plugging your speakers into this - i.e. rather than the audio ports on the motherboard.

Also see click here. G

  parkhead 13:24 17 Oct 2010

Buteman - Thanks very much for that. I tried everything but no success. However ....

Crossbow 7 - Grateful thanks. I have switched the plug to the green socket and we are in business. The only problem is that the sound is very faint. I have turned up all the usual volume controls. The speakers are small and cheap and obviously take their power from the PC. I have other speakers at work which have their own power plug and a volume control switch. Do you think these would be more likely to give me more volume?

Many thanks for your help.

  GaT7 13:59 17 Oct 2010

Yes, the powered speakers at work should make a difference. But even small & cheap speakers are not that bad volume-wise if you're sitting 1-2 feet away. What wattage are the small, cheap speakers - i.e. in terms of PMPO or RMS? They may have their own volume control (on the front/side/rear), so increase this if present. G

  parkhead 14:08 17 Oct 2010


They really are cheap speakers There are no markings on them and certainly no volume control. I can see inside and I can see a mark of 0.5 watt.

Having said that,I agree with you that they should be louder. They were much louder on my old 8 year old e-machine and they are louder on my wife's laptop so I still think there is a slight problem but I just don't know what.

  GaT7 15:06 17 Oct 2010

Have you tried playing different file types? E.g System sounds may have reduced settings in the Volume Mixer (can be accessed via speaker icon at bottom right) compared to other sounds?

It could also be an OS thing? I find Win7 System sounds noticeably softer that in WinXP with the same volume settings both in Windows & the speakers.

0.5W RMS isn't too bad at all, as you found out on your other systems.

  parkhead 17:21 17 Oct 2010

Hi Crossbow7,

Yes, I've tried just about everything now with no joy. I'll just have to hope the self powered larger speakers that I rig up tomorrow will do the trick. Do you reckon they will?

Many thanks.

  GaT7 17:46 17 Oct 2010

Should do, otherwise the problem could be hardware related. Do you have or can you borrow a dedicated soundcard you could try on this PC? Just for testing, then you can return it to its original system/owner.

You can also try uninstalling all sound-related drivers in Device Manager (under Sound, video & game controllers), rebooting & letting the OS install drivers afresh. Or, install them off the supplied Acer driver disc, or even download the latest if available & install them manually.

If no joy with the above or the larger powered speakers, I would suggest contacting the retailer or Acer support click here for help. G

  parkhead 18:08 17 Oct 2010

Hi Crossbow7,

To be honest, some of what you suggest is a bit beyond me. However, thanks very much for the link to the Acer site. I have registered my new product (which has been recognised) and submitted the query about the volume to Customer Support. I will also try the bigger speakers tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

Many thanks for your time and all your help.

  parkhead 13:43 19 Oct 2010

Hi Crossbow7,

Tried other speakers I have and have now got a sound system worthy of the O2 arena! Happy days! Thanks for all your help!

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