New 8Mb B/B

  ruskle 19:50 26 Mar 2006

I have read "somewhere" that BT is launching a new 8Mb B/B service. As I read this long before 1st April I am inclined to believe it.

Can anyone enlighten me and if it is true is it for BT customers only or other providers?


  raeman 19:53 26 Mar 2006

Virgin are launching an 8Mb service very shortly i've had an email from them telling me.

  rdave13 19:55 26 Mar 2006
  rmcqua 19:58 26 Mar 2006

There are quite a few 8Mb services already available: Wanadoo, Bulldog, UK Online, Pipex to name but a few.

  Genius1 20:01 26 Mar 2006

Yes, but 8Mb services are only available on certain lines (for example, I can only get 2Mbps with Wanadoo, but they claim I will soon be able to get 8Mbps).

  ruskle 20:44 26 Mar 2006

Many thanks for the replies, the link from Rdave13 was especially useful. Since my original posting I have found a link on another posting which took me to a site where I could check out my own exchange. This told me I could not get B/B due to a conflict etc, but I could use Wanadoo, Bulldog and BT. I guess that means that Tiscali will not be available for 8Mb ( as I am using their B/B now) I am one of a few round here on a BT line and the rest are on NTL. We all have underground cables. Whilst this post is open what are the comments on a change.


  absent 21:26 26 Mar 2006

While many may be impressed by these speed upgrades they may not be all goood news. If you download/upload regularly, check out the limits your isp may be now imposing. If all you mainly do is browsing these speed increases will make little difference to how pages load.

  Djohn 21:54 26 Mar 2006

That all depends on what sites you are viewing 'absent' if you have several open at the same time, each with a high file content then 8Mb MAXDSL will make a lot of difference to your general surfing. Don't worry about the caps or limits, 95% download far less than we think.

I'm on-line for 15 hours each day, 7 days a week download a reasonable amount send/receive tons of email and have 7 to 9 sites/forums open at the same time, 4 or 5 of them with heavy graphic content yet my bandwidth very rarely goes above 1.5 to 2 Gb per month.

All ISPs will have caps or limits of some kind, [even if you don't see them] in the future as no provider can afford to let us all run wild with 8Mb accounts. They are usually disguised as FUP's [Fair usage policy] or traffic shaping, or even throttling.

So yes, they can say 'Unlimited' with confidence, they just don't tell you about the latter three except in their fine print.

  Djohn 22:05 26 Mar 2006

Forgot to say. These new speeds [8Mb] are a new product and will carry a cap of some kind. This new product available from most exchanges from March 31 is named MAXDSL, completely different from ADSL in the sense that it will not be your ISP or BT who say your line can only sustain 512k, or 1 Mb. Instead it will be software at the exchange monitoring your connection over a 10 day training period and will then set your line at the best optimum speed it can sustain.

This means that some people who at the moment can only get 512k because they are too far from the exchange should be able to get anything from 700 - 900k - 1.2 - 1.4 - 2.7Mb or anything in between up to a max of 8Mb. Your line will adapt itself to best stable speed possible.

Check out your local exchange at samknows or plusnet's guide to see when yours is going to be enabled, most on March 31 and those are showing green at the mo. Those showing amber should re-grade in the following month, and those showing red in the next couple of months.

of over 5,500 exchanges, just about 256 are not being regraded, samknows has the full list.

  CurlyWhirly 21:53 27 Mar 2006

"Don't worry about the caps or limits, 95% download far less than we think."

I agree.
I have just been monitoring my bandwidth and after 3 days, it is only around 215 Mb!

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