New 6600GT Rubbish Benchmarks!

  KevIW1 13:01 07 Nov 2005

I have installed my new 6600GT card and benched it with aqua3 and 3d03 and my figures have not changed! Have P4 3.06Ghz H/T 1.536Gb RAM Akasa 400W PSU. Have done many fixes sugested else where but still the same Anyone help?
(old card FX5600)
aqua3 19000ish 3d03 3300ish.
Xpert vision 6600GT.
Other forums failed to help!

  Skills 13:08 07 Nov 2005

Have you tried updating the drivers download the latest from nvidia website uninstall your old drivers and then install the new ones.

  ACOLYTE 13:08 07 Nov 2005

I dont like benchmark programs that much,they are not really an accurate guide as to what you pc.card can do,and can cause concern if you think you score isnt good enough,as long as the card works,i dont see a point in this sort of thing.

  Skills 13:11 07 Nov 2005

You also have to consider that there could be a bottleneck at another point in the system but as Acolyte said benchmarks are subjective and if the card works and plays your games ok.

  KevIW1 13:12 07 Nov 2005

Yes have done graphics drivers and chipset drivers and driver cleaner! Need to prove card is doing what it should.

  KevIW1 13:15 07 Nov 2005

P4 3.06Ghz H/T - MS-6747 Mobo (533FSB) 1.536Gb Ram PC3200 DDR400
Xpert Vision 6600GT
160Gb Seagate Barracuda HD
400W Akasa PSU - WIN XP HOME SP2

  dagwoood 13:18 07 Nov 2005

In the Nvidia control panel, have you turned off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering?

Is your card AGP? If so, have you connected your card to the power supply(I assume you have as if you haven't it normally BSOD's when you try to run 3D apps)?

Have you increased your graphics aperture size in your BIOS?

  KevIW1 13:21 07 Nov 2005

Yes aas and aaf off AGP power con is connected windows tells me if its not (did test) aperture set to 128.

  woodchip 13:22 07 Nov 2005

What's with all this buz about speed? Keeping up with the Joneses!

  KevIW1 13:28 07 Nov 2005

Not the joneses just want to prove i've got what I paid for! If not then get a replacement.

  gudgulf 13:30 07 Nov 2005

Those benchmark results are way too low.I have a P4 2.4GHz(400FSB) with an ATI 9600pro at home that manages 27000 points in Aquamark3.

Try going in to the NVidia control panel and checking what AGP acceleration you are running.

Also go to Start>Run and type dxdiag,click Ok and open the Display tab in the DirectX Diagnostic tool.

Make shure that Direct Draw Acceleration is enabled and try the test,same with Direct3D Acceleration and AGP Acceleration.

Does your card need an extra power supply connection from the main wiring harness? If so is one properly connected?

Lastly are you sure that the card is operating at its full could try downloading Coolbits and manually setting it to the correct 3D here

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