New £500 PC

  dave84 18:56 19 Nov 2007

i've got around £500 to spend on a new PC. would like it to be able to play games (obviously realise that it won't be playing at highest rates etc) but not a massive priority.
mainly for media usage such as movies, downloading and general media entertainment. for this reason i'm thinking about getting Windows Media Centre - would this be my best bet, or is Vista able to do more?
regards to the PC, i pretty much have my heart set on this from Novatech as they they seem to have a good reputation.
click here
does anyone have any other ideas, i've had a look at Cougar and Novatech are very similarly priced.

many thanks for any help

  Totally-braindead 19:25 19 Nov 2007

I've got windows media centre and if you get it at the same price as the others fair enough, if its more expensive just get XP Home. I've seen both and to be quite honest the extras are not that great, course I have my PC in my bedroom and have a media centre remote as well that I never use, if it was in the living room I might feel different.
The Novatech PC you've linked to is quite good and will play games at a reasonable resolution etc, only thing I would point out to you is that you need to buy a monitor as Novatech sell base units only.
Best after sales service you can get is from Novatech and I've bought a lot off them.

  dave84 20:37 19 Nov 2007

cheers for that.
its the Isys Max Pro by the way. i've got a TFT so that's sorted, maybe step-up to an HD-TV eventually, that's why i was thinking about Media Centre.
basically i'm going to go with that unless someone can come-up with something out of the blue!


  skidzy 20:38 19 Nov 2007

Also you will need to add the operating system if you choose the Novatech system.

  terryf 00:45 21 Nov 2007

ThermalTake Soprano VD6000BNS 1
ThermalTake W0103RB 600W TP PSU 1
Asus skt775 P5K s/l mainboard 1333fsb 1
Intel Core2Duo e6850 Skt755 3ghz/fsb1333 1
Geil 2gb ddr2 800 cl4.0 duel ch 1
Geil 1gb ddr2 800 cl4.0 duel ch 1
Pioneer DVD±RW/DL 18x6x18x8x sata DVR212BK blk 1
Seagate Hard Drive 80GB sata2 8mb 1
£549 plus windows plus a graphics card
Built by a small local supplier in Weymouth, goes like a dream

  [email protected] 02:23 21 Nov 2007

On the subject of which OS, be aware that Vista Home Premium includes Windows Media Centre.

  dave84 19:03 22 Nov 2007

awaiting payday tomo at midnight, went onto the Novatech website and they seem to have discontinued the Isys seris for the timebeing!
any other suggestions?

  Proclaimer 12:23 23 Nov 2007

It is very good for customised PC's. I buy nearly all my business hardware from them.

  Totally-braindead 13:59 23 Nov 2007

What about the Isys Elite? If you do get Vista get the one with 2 gig of RAM not the cheaper one click here still comes under £500.

  dave84 10:44 24 Nov 2007

that was the only other option that i saw, think i might just pop with that!

  dave84 10:44 24 Nov 2007

forgot to say, many thanks for the advice!

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