never dial a connection

  eccomputers 18:08 10 Mar 2003
Locked 98, IE 6
Whenever I set connections to always dial my default connection, it works fine UNTIL I reboot and then it says never dial a connection. Everytime the machine is restarted it reverts back to this option. Any ideas?

DUN settings are all correct.
Network = Client for MS Networks
Dial up adaptor

no gateway is set or dns, it simply resets itself.

  Djohn 18:14 10 Mar 2003

Are you remembering to click on, *Apply*, before you click OK?

  Ironman556 18:15 10 Mar 2003

Have you got any protection/security programs that may revert it? Start Page Gaurd for example checks the start page on boot up and reverts it if it's been changed.

  eccomputers 18:23 10 Mar 2003

I have clicked apply, and ok.
No startup programs seem to be unusual, just scanner programs.

  eccomputers 18:24 10 Mar 2003

Something I was wondering though. Back in the windows 3.1 days, I seem to remember you could exit windows without saving settings. Is there a flag somewhere in 98 that tells the system to exit without making any changes?

  bob's 23:38 27 Mar 2005

I have the same problem.Everytime it reboots it goes back to never dial a connection. Any clues please.

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