Netwrok & BB

  jay123 11:29 24 Aug 2004

We are having broadband installed (at last) next wednesday. I'm going to network 4pc's and a X-box, is it best to get the bb working then network or get the network working and just add the internet concection? Or is it sticks and trees?

  Rigga 12:48 24 Aug 2004

Your best bet would be to purchase an ADSL Modem Router.

That way the router handles the internet connection through it's built in modem. And you can then just plug all pc's/xbox into the router to provide internet access.


  silliw 13:25 24 Aug 2004

If your Broadband provider also provides your modem then you will need to put your own router in place.

I would first ensure that the B/B works first and then establish your network. If you do it the other way round and you cant get internet access on all machines, you will not know if it is a B/B issue or a network issue.

  Urotsukidoji 16:21 24 Aug 2004

I know you have ticked the box as resolved, BUT...

If you want to use a router, I would suggest you speak to your ISP, as if you want configuring advice on a router they don't support, they will basically leave you whistling in the wind.

speak to them for a list of supported routers, then find the cheapest one of that type you can get.

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