network/internet access denied

  clwyd 21:17 09 Oct 2012

Today, my wife cannot access the internet on her desktop computer running XP home. (1)The ethernet card was 'hidden' in device manager. (2)Checking 'status' shows the card enabled - but there is no device showing in 'network connections'. (3)The device driver cannot be changed, updated or rolled back if I unhide it in Device Manager. (4)System restore fails to complete successfully, leaving everything as was - although I've tried several restore points. (5) I cannot 'disable' the connection, PC says it is in use and not available to disable. I suspect malware of some form and have pulled the connection to the router for now. The PC is protected by Kaspersky Internet Suite 2012, and we've never had a problem before. Any guidance useful.

  Nontek 21:23 09 Oct 2012

Have you tried simply shutting down the desktop pc, wait a minute or two, then re-start in normal way.

This might be all that is needed.

Nothing to lose, so worth a try.

  clwyd 10:46 10 Oct 2012

Unfortunately that was my first response - that there might have been a glitch in the boot-up. Sadly it proved not to be the case.

  onthelimit1 10:54 10 Oct 2012

i would suspect that the ethernet part of the mobo is duff. For the sake of a tenner, may be worth trying something like this.

  clwyd 19:50 23 Oct 2012

Thanks for your input guys. No sign of malware, virus or other malicious code - so invested in a 10/100/1000 ethernet card, at a very reasonable £7.76, with free p&p from Amazon. Installed very easily and 'Hello World'. I was then able to uninstall the onboard ethernet port. The missus is pleased to be online again, so this case has a happy ending - and my mysterious earache problem has thankfully cleared up.

  woodchip 19:57 23 Oct 2012

I you tried booting it with Safe Mode Network Enabled Tapping F8 as it starts. This will stop lots of drivers from Loading but you will be able to test the network to see if you can connect.

If Restore Points do not Work, you have to Stop Restore running then restart it for it to create a new point

  onthelimit1 21:14 23 Oct 2012


He says he's sorted now!

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