Networking and Zone alarm

  denchris 14:04 31 Jul 2003

PC running XP pro and laptop running XP home.
NTL BB thru Linksys router / switcher, 4 port.
We get BB fine, sharing fine ! how can I set up Zone alarm ? The moment I enable it sharing no longer works. the internet side is OK but we can not see each others files, printer etc. Can anyone help to overcome this ? be very grateful for advice --- please.

i found that if you temporarily disable zone alarm and make the connection before switching zone alarm back on the network connection will be recognised and all will be well.

  Jean-Luc Picard 15:24 31 Jul 2003

Try using static IP addresses if not already doing so.

  denchris 16:01 31 Jul 2003

make the connection ? it`s BB always on ! is that the connection you mean ?

Jean-Luc-Picard. Static addresses ? I dont know if I am or not, it uses DHCP and the address is always the same xxx-xxx-x-xxx.

I`m an old dog trying to learn new tricks, be gentle with me

  Śamurai Ĵack ₪₪ 16:04 31 Jul 2003

Why would you need to use ZoneAlarm on your Client PC's if your accessing the Internet via a Router.. A Router is a form of Hardware firewall.

  Chris the Ancient 16:23 31 Jul 2003

But does your router have a built-in firewall?

When I got my router, it had a firewall in it, but I left ZoneAlarm in to see if it picked up anything that ZoneAlarm missed. It didn't! So, I've ditched ZoneAlarm.

In ZoneAlarm you can set a 'range' of IP addresses in a 'from/to' zone (as I found out far too late). Include the full range of the last segment of address that your two puters are assigning from 0 - 255. Not 100% sure how I did that, and with ZoneAlarm gone, I can't help too much there. I think it was in the 'trusted zone' bit.



  denchris 19:58 31 Jul 2003

Many thanks for the trouble taken.
I think ` Chris the Ancient `, pressed the right button, I put the Gateway address(router) in ZA trusted zone and the `door opened `. I simply! prefer ZA because I appear to be in more control of content I allow or not.
I had to type this twice as when I ticked resolved it promptly disappeared, ah well!
I am happy again :) Den

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