Networking XP and Vista

  _clive_ 12:45 05 May 2008

Hope someone can help...

I have a PC running XP SP2 connected by wire to a router. I also have a laptop running Vista HB connected wirelessly to the same router.

Both connect to the internet ok but i'm having problems creating a home network. I have turned on file and printer sharing, downloaded and installed LLTD on the XP pc.

On the laptop my pc doesn't show in my local network although it shows when i view the entire network map, but i cannot access it.

Any suggestions welcomed :)

  Taff™ 12:59 05 May 2008

Both computer logins need to be password protected. You also need something to be in the shared folders. (Is the XP machine Home or Pro? If the latter try enabling simple file sharing)

  _clive_ 13:01 05 May 2008

Hi Taff, yes both are password protected logins, the XP is Home SP2 and the file and printer sharing is turned on...i have also set one or two file properties to 'shared' on the XP machine

  howard64 14:54 05 May 2008

I have heard that vista pcs default to workgroup whereas xp uses mshome. They must both be the same.

  brundle 14:57 05 May 2008

You need to install LLTD on the XP machine; click here

  _clive_ 14:58 05 May 2008

Hi howard...yes that seems the case but i have successfully renamed the vista workgroup to MSHOME to match the XP pc.
i'm wondering if it's something to do with the antivirus...i have norton on the XP pc and AVG on the laptop although on the pc Norton maps the laptop in the network ok

  brundle 14:58 05 May 2008

Or did I /does/ show in Network Map. No harm installing it anyway if you haven't already...

  brundle 14:58 05 May 2008

I'm obviously not awake yet...

  _clive_ 14:59 05 May 2008

Hi brundle...yes already done that and it shows up in the network properties as installed and functioning

  _clive_ 15:01 05 May 2008

the fact that the pc shows in the network map on Vista but seems inaccessible makes me think it might be something to do with Norton...or am i barking up the wrong tree?

  Taff™ 15:18 05 May 2008

Might be. Can You disable Norton?

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