Networking XP Problem...

  Pilch from 21:11 05 Jul 2003

Ok, me and a mate are trying to network our machines, I can see my 2 machine properly...

His machine though is causing problem's...

Bringing up error with a code number 65....

Searched through microsoft found causes...

none of which seem to help.

Yet the wierd thing is he can access the net through my DSL 504 router, i could see him and access his drive's, now it wont.

We tried unistall/reinstall network card.

We know it is his machine as a pathping brings up that it loses the packets before getting to the router.

We are both on XP Pro, he is trying connect to my network which has been working perfectly for me and still is yet he cant connect!!


Both using TCP IP, tried IP Config/renew

HAVE TCP IP/ QoS Packet Schedular, client for Microsoft networks and file and printer sharing enabled....

  howard60 21:18 05 Jul 2003

check that the win xp firewall is not turned on. Do you have zone alarm or another firewall installed if so you will have to tell it which pc to allow.

no firewall's or anti virus....


  jazzypop 00:17 06 Jul 2003

Is the router set up as a DHCP server? If so, set his network properties to 'obtain IP address automatically', and then reboot his PC.

Once he can 'see' the router, you are more than halfway there.

Is the router setup to only accept a specific range of IP addresses? Can you 'see' his PC from the router? (Check for what devices the router can detect as connected).

Be sure that it is not simply a cable fault - use one of your 'good' cables currently connected to one of your PCs, to connect his PC to the router.

Try resetting / rebooting the router.

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