Networking with XP and Netgear

  khaki_avenger 14:46 19 May 2004

I have been informed that my Netgear FS105 is incompitable with Win XP's File & Print Sharing

I set up a home network with the help of you guys on here by using a crossover network cable to my PC and Laptop and then i have used the Network Connection Wizard thingy and everything worked OK.. I then started to be adventurous and had big plans for networking the whole house!

So i have been out and bought and Netgear Fast Ethernet switch i have connected the Main PC to the switch and also the laptop i have also connected the old pc that will eventually sit downstairs for the missus and the kid.

i can get all PCs working using a proxy server on the main PC to surf the internet. But when i run the Network Connection Wizard to share files and printers the PCs can see each other but are unable to view files on the Main PC. They have been configured in Zone Alarm and all personal firewalls are disabled.

So what i would like to know is how can i set up my network to share my files and printers without using the wizards with XP.. Dummies guide of course!

All machines use Win XP SP1

Hope you can help me.

  computernerdiamnot 16:04 19 May 2004

Look in help and support of the start key it will tell you how to set up printers and files to share.

  khaki_avenger 19:34 19 May 2004

Right.. i have now switched off simple file sharing and have managed to get the two pcs to look at each other and i can share files from the laptop to the PC but not vise versa.

But i was asked for a passowrd when i clicked on the Laptop icon from my compuer and i inserted my username and password from my laptop and gained access.

when i do this in reverse and try and connect to the pc from my laptop the login screen pops up and ask me to enter the password off the 'guest' account the option to log in as myself on the pc is greyed out.. i have tried resetting the password on the PC but i'm still unable to access


  khaki_avenger 19:49 19 May 2004


  computernerdiamnot 19:51 19 May 2004

Good luck.

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