Networking XP laptop & ME desktop

  webber_man 13:20 03 Feb 2004

I realise the subject of networking has been discussed loads in this here forum and that there are loads of sites offering advice and tutorials - yet i am still unable to connect my desktop with my laptop!!!

I read a really good tutorial in .Net magazine about networking using a crossover cable but the example they used was 2 XP machines. And most of the advice i have read on the net seems to apply to XP. I've tried and tried connecting my two computers but they don't seem to like it at all.

Does ANYONE know of a tutorial detailing how to set up a LAN with the ME computer being the main machine (that also connects to the internet) and the XP machine that connects through the ME machine? Or can anyone please expalin to me (in very simple terms) how to set this up?

I don't consider myself to be a novice when it comes to computers but i can't work this out for the life of me!

Cheers in advance for your help.

  Rogerfredo 17:00 03 Feb 2004

I had the same problem.
It is relatively easy to network your XP laptop and ME desktop together to share files and printer etc., but if you want to share a broadband internet connection rhen I suggest you buy a router.
First, setup your laptop and produce a Floppy disc for installing sharing on your ME machine.
(you can't produce a floppy disc on the ME machine which will work on XP).
You will need ethernet cards in both laptop and desktop.
If you are connecting without a router, you need cross over cables. If using a router, ordinary cables.Don't bother with the "sharing or networking wizard " on the ME machine, just run the floppy produced from your laptop.

  Gemma 17:34 03 Feb 2004

I wrote a mini tutorial on another thread click here For a low cost approach substitute a cheap 4 port switch for the router and use ICS on the ME machine for dial-up. If you are joining the speed demons on broadband buy an ADSL router or if on cable, plug the cable modem (the LAN sort) into the switch. In the future you could plug an RF access point into the router / switch and surf from your bed......or get yourself a WiFi enabled box now.

The advantage of all of this is you can use the laptop with the ME switched off if you do go broadband.

  webber_man 20:51 03 Feb 2004

for the replies!

I'm still all confuzzled so i'll have a read and a fiddle and see what happens. I just hope the same thing that happened on Sunday doesn't occur again!

I WILL do this networking malarkey if it's the last thing i do! Darn pesky kids!

  webber_man 06:59 04 Feb 2004

Clearly everyone else has similar trouble as me getting to grips with this networking thing!

Cheers anyway.

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