Networking XP

  DP 17:32 23 Jan 2003
  DP 17:32 23 Jan 2003

I am trying to network 2 computers with XP home on each.

I have a NIC card in each, and joined them with a cross-over patch cable. Each computer can see itself but not the other! I have then on the same workgroup - imaginatively call MSHOME - but when I try to find the other computer I get the message that I cannot have access to MSHOME because I may not have access rights. It suggests that I contact the Sys Admin - but that is me - so no help there.

Anyone any ideas what is wrong?

  jazzypop 17:51 23 Jan 2003

Do you have a firewall installed? If so, uninstall it while you are setting up the network (including the built-in XP firewall).

Check (using Control Panel > User Accounts) that you are setup as an administrator, not a user.

  Murray 18:02 23 Jan 2003

you may need some more protocols installed, I thought XP is clever and does it all for you.

If you right click on My Network places - properties, and add TCPIP, Netbeui, that should allow you to see the other PC. Do this on both PC's

I cant remember, but I think TCP is needed for basic communication on a network, then Netbeui is for windows file sharing, etc...

  jazzypop 18:06 23 Jan 2003

Netbeui is not installed by Win XP (although there is a workaround to enable you to install it for W95 compatability purposes).

XP uses TCP/IP by default. The error message decribed could not be generated by the lack of a TCP/IP protocol.

  zed650 20:32 23 Jan 2003

Just a thought, but have you gone through the connection wizard for XP. I’ve just recently connected two PC’s together with a crossover cable (XP home – win98SE) and all went quite well.

The wizard can be found under Start-Connect to-Show all connections, then press “set-up home or small office network” under Network Tasks.

Just follow the directions; you will need a floppy (or the XP installation disk)

Hope this helps.

  eccomputers 21:51 23 Jan 2003

have you shared any folders?

  DP 00:20 24 Jan 2003

Success - thanks everyone - it was the firewall!! I had Zone Alarm running. When I turned it off the network sprang to life.

Thanks again

  Steve Moran 17:45 09 Jul 2003

Is there a way of netwworking a laptop to a computer both running XP home with Zonealarm running? I have tried adding the laptop to the trusted zone with no success. Can you apply fixed IP addresses or do they both have to be automatically detected? I am looking for a solution that works every time instead of being hit and miss like it is.

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