Networking woes

  JonnyTub 10:51 12 Oct 2004

Hi all, The problem I am having is based on two machines with xp sp2 installed. The host machine (my main desktop) is connected to the web via a cable modem, the second machine is a laptop with a pcmcia network card installed, working fine. My aim is to network the laptop to the main desktop, so i can share files, printer and internet. I used the networking wizard to configure the desktop to allow my laptop to access the net, files, etc. This seems to work fine and the computer becomes the host with ics enabled and firewall configured correctly to allow access from the client laptop.

My problem starts when i use the networking wizard on the laptop, the wizard completes fine and i can use files, folders and printers, but it just won't connect to the web.

The machines can see each other as a ping test reveals no loss at all in packets sent.

The cable modem has an ip address of, the onboard lan on host has an ip address, and the laptop (client) has an ip address of

The laptop is configured to obtain address automatically, i have turned windows firewall off on all network adaptors to no avail (it is automatically switched on during the network setup wizard). I have rerun the wizard on both machines umpteen times.

The ip address has been renewed, i have used the repiar function on the network adaptors.
Tried a different cable, ensured i have the latest drivers for lan cards. I am at a loss as to what to try next. It used to bet that the mac address had to be registred with telewest, checking their site, this is no more, you can connect and go apparently immediately so i don't think the problem's there.

Sorry if this proves awful to read, i'm trying to list what I have tried as it comes to me and so it won't be in any particular order.

  hillybilly 11:20 12 Oct 2004

Hi JT,

Try putting as a DNS address on the network card in the laptop.

  JonnyTub 11:22 12 Oct 2004

Morning Hillybilly, give it a whirl now, back in a tick.

  JonnyTub 11:25 12 Oct 2004

no joy :-(

  JonnyTub 11:26 12 Oct 2004

Just a note, in network connections my lan adaptor shows as connected and above that the internet gateway is shown as connected, explorer just won't connect.

  hillybilly 11:27 12 Oct 2004

Are we saying that all is well as far as your network at home, it's just that the second pc canno get out onto the net?

  JonnyTub 11:30 12 Oct 2004

yup, i can share files, folders, printer, just can't connect to net on laptop.

  JonnyTub 11:38 12 Oct 2004

I have just ran nsw.log from comand prompt and i got

Network setup wizard log

Attempying to setup computer name

old computer name is same as new computer name - not setting.

Setting server description (comment): (raj)

Attempting to set workgroup name

workgroup name is the same as the old one - not setting.

  JonnyTub 11:40 12 Oct 2004

sorry that last log was from client this one is from host

Network Setup Wizard Log
Attempting to set computer name
Old computer name is the same as new computer name - not setting.
Setting server description (comment): DESKTOP
Attempting to set workgroup name
Workgroup name is the same as the old one - not setting.
Will attempt to share public connection.
Will attempt to firewall public connection.
Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR 100 & 200 series Cable Modem Shared Public for ICS configuration.
Windows Firewall Enabled on Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR 100 & 200 series Cable Modem.
Local Area Connection Shared Private for ICS configuration.
Shared Printer: hp psc 1200 series

  JonnyTub 11:47 12 Oct 2004

By the way i can ping the pcadvisor site from cmd prompt from client

  hillybilly 11:50 12 Oct 2004

Well that log looks okay to me.

I don't have a lot of exper.. with cable, is it a bit piggy like AOL can be. If so why not ask NTL or Telewest. Just another thought try that inthe DNS. I'm Staw Clutching now!

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