networking winxp pc to win98 "games"

  synational 19:36 09 Jan 2004

Hello everyone!" i need help", me and my brother have pc's rather close to each other and wanted to network them ,mainly for games and to act as as a gateway for internet purposes.My pc is an athlon 2400,512mb ram,win xp,while my bro's is a pent 500mhz,64mb ram,win 98,both pcs have a port which looks like a large dial-up connection,i've purchases a cross over serial cable.i would'nt call myself a novice concerning o/s or pc's but,tryed tinkering with both pc for hours,without success.My main problem is win98 it gives very limited support in networking. Any suggestions?????

  spikeychris 19:51 09 Jan 2004

First thing first, whats a cross over serial cable? and "both pcs have a port which looks like a large dial-up connection" do you mean a lage phone connector?

  vinnyo123 19:52 09 Jan 2004

try networking wizard in "my network places"

and don't forget to turn off xp's firewall.

also what kind off connection do you use for your internet?

Using a crossover your gonna have to use ICS on your gateway.It'll be better to use a router and more secure .

Post back and let use know your process!!!

  spikeychris 19:56 09 Jan 2004

Sorry, just noticed your gaming, so your going for the null modem cable then?

  synational 20:02 09 Jan 2004

its a crossed cable via 2 pcs can connect direct to each,cable other crossed i think concerning referres incomming, outcomming data.the large connecter is i think 10/100 lan ethernet connection(on board)rj-45 connecters i think is the tech name.

  synational 20:04 09 Jan 2004

the inernet is connected via a usb isdn adaptor,what is ics????

  jgosden 20:06 09 Jan 2004

remeber that win98 can't see through workgroups so the pcs need to be on the same workgroup. Xp will set this as mshome. Open up your pc and give it an ip address like and a subnet mask of the win98 can bve set to use get an ip automatically.

We can help you as much as you need but you havn't really explained the problem. I networked an win98 pc to xp in minutes so you should be fine. PLEASE give us more detail about what your problem is here

  jgosden 20:07 09 Jan 2004

the big port is alan port named RJ45. RJ11 is your modem port.

  jgosden 20:08 09 Jan 2004


  synational 20:15 09 Jan 2004

rcently in pc adviser there was an article concerning networking,but this article only advised networking for win xp,so win xp is set up for networking,while win 98 is not,now my bro pc was a second hand jobby???,firstly i could not find any thing to do with nerworking and there was nothing in network groups,after a bit of tinkering win 98 had not been configured to do this and this was!thought i was getting some ware,but how wrong i was!win 98 help menu!mm nowt,firstly in the hareware devices there seems to be loads of network cards,my bro manually adding them willy nilly so im not sure if its onbourd or pci....i'll have a look

  spikeychris 20:20 09 Jan 2004

Are you playing with a null modem cable or crossover ethernet?

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