networking using hub

  conquistador 20:31 25 Apr 2005

I am currently using lan cards and a crossover cable so my son can share my internet connection. I find this a bit inconvenient as when i finish on my pc, i have to leave mine on so he continues to have the internet. It took a bit of setting up originally as i think i had a conflict with my pc. My question is:
1)Is it easy just to use a hub, connect my cable to the hub and use two feeds off the hub, 1 for each pc.
2) Will it automatically connect up and not mess all my connections up again.
3) I know the hub will need to be on all the time, but id rather that than leaving my pc on.
By the way both machines have windosw XP on, i get my internet from NTL 2mb broadband through a set top box, which goes from ethernet connection to a usb cable and plugs into a port on the front. I hope i have given enough information, if not please ask whatever is necessary.

  howard60 21:42 25 Apr 2005

as long as both pcs are set up to use ntl then there should be no problem. I used to be on ntl with a set top box prior to moving and this is what I did.

  conquistador 21:44 25 Apr 2005

Thanks howard 60, someone told me i would need a router not a hub, whats the difference.

  howard60 21:22 28 Apr 2005

sorry for the delay - a hub sends all messages to everything that is connected. A router is more intelligent and sends messages only to the address in the message. That is a very basic description. If you only have 2 or 3 pieces of equipment it really will not make much difference. I think that a hub needs to be fed from a pc but a router can take its feed from the adsl modem.

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