Networking Two PC's in the same house

  GBL 11:29 31 Jan 2008

I have just installed a Router on my main PC which is downstairs and a compatable PCI adaptor for another PC which is upstairs, I am trying to connect the latter to the internet and have followed the instructions, it find and connects to the Router but cannot connect to the internet.
If I decide to link th etwo PC's via cable what would I need to do?? and can you buy any length of cable??

  GBL 11:39 31 Jan 2008

On the second PC I get conflicting messages, Wireless Network, Connected, signal strength Very good. and Connected to access point but internet unavailable

  woodchip 12:07 31 Jan 2008

If you are Wireless on the other computer, Go into router setup page You have enter a Address like yours may differ into Internet Explorer address bar then press enter key this should start a page in the router asking for password it may be admin in lower case letters, just type that then go to wireless section and set it up, do not choose to encrypt at this time coppy SSID and put this into your wireless settings. If it connects, you need to go back into router and setup encryption so that your wireless part of the router is secure. Or some one may use you router to connect to internet

After any changes in router you have to save, you are also better turning router off for two minutes then restart it

  fitcher 12:15 31 Jan 2008

if you are just joining two or three by a cable ,well ethernet cables are cheap and a ethernet hub is not expensive .they come with ethernet T connections .you simple plug cables in them , to your computers

  GBL 12:21 31 Jan 2008

Do I need a hub as the router has four ports and the PC upstairs has one??
Struggling with the wireless connection, what is WEP address?

  woodchip 12:36 31 Jan 2008

to network you do not need to any of the cable or hub job. you already have one your router. go to control panel on the xp computer, All computers and Printers that want to be on the network, should be turned on first , in control panel run the nework wizard and create a floppy or usb stick to setup the other computers. put floppy in other computer and double cke the file on the floppy. this does not work with Windows 2000

  woodchip 12:38 31 Jan 2008

To share printer the computer as to be turned on with the printers connected to it for or computer to use, also file sharing does

  GBL 12:43 31 Jan 2008

Done all that Woodchip, but still no internet connection

  woodchip 12:47 31 Jan 2008

You need to get your wireless computer to be seen by router before you can connect to internet or share in a network

  GBL 12:55 31 Jan 2008

I get the message Connected to access point but internet unavailable. The access point being the Router as I do not have a wireless adaptor on the PC. So I assume that by all the offer signals I get that the Router is recognised by the second PC but cannot connect to the internet.

  woodchip 12:58 31 Jan 2008

If one computer as wireless usb dongle it will be seen by wireless router, but not if the router is not wireless

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