Networking two PCs via cable

  oddgeezer 10:56 19 Oct 2005

Awaiting delivery of a new PC. Have an NTL broadband cable modem connected to my old PC, via USB, which will be moved to an adjoining room when replaced by the new PC. The modem also has an ethernet socket. My first concern is to link both PCs to the internet, which I assume simply means running an ethernet/TJ45 cable from the old PC to the modem. Someone told me that this would effectively create a network between the two PCs, as the cable modem would bridge the two PCs. Is this the case? Might as well if I can. I believe the old PC has on-board networking as does the new one. Running a 10 metre cable between the old PC and the modem should be fairly easy, but I get confused with "crossover", "patch" etc. What sort of cable do I need? What's "category 6 - backwards compatible with category 5?" I don't expect to add any further PCs in the foreseeable future, so going wireless would be an unnecessary extravagance for the sake of two PCs (overspent already) and the simplest solution is usually the best. Grateful for any advice.



  PaulB2005 12:41 19 Oct 2005

You need a CAT 5 Cross Over cable. The CATegory 6 one will do but i suspect will be unneccessarily expensive. Connect the Modem to one PC via the USB and then run the CAT 5 Crossover Cable from one PC network port to the other PC network port.

You then need to set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) - click here

Note the Host PC with the modem must be on for the client PC to have an internet connection.

  oddgeezer 13:55 19 Oct 2005

Thanks, that's very helpful, especially the link. The old PC is only likely to be used when the new one (the host)is already in use, but it probably won't stop the arguments.

Thanks again!

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