Networking Two Computers

  CLERK KENT 11:56 28 Mar 2005

I want to share files between my work laptop, (XP Professional) and my home pc (XP Home). The April 2004 magazine suggests RJ45 cables and follow the wizard. The wizard say parallel, serial or infra-red! I have tried both RJ45 and parallel with no success. Is there an idiot's guide that I can follow please.

  FelixTCat 12:08 28 Mar 2005

If they both have network ports, all you need is a cross-over ethernet cable to connect them. Then run the network wizard on either one - would suggest the home pc - and you should be connected.

  CLERK KENT 14:36 28 Mar 2005

Thanks, I have got further than before but now how do I access each computer. On my home machine I can see the status as "Connected, Firewalled IP Address: Subset Mask: manually configured". On the work pc the status is similar except that the IP address is and the final line says Assigned by DHCP.

What I want is to see the contents of My Documents from each PC and to use the spare disk space on each machine as a back-up for the other.

  FelixTCat 15:46 28 Mar 2005

Well, you've made the start correctly. The next stage is to make each pc available to the other.

Open Control Panel - Network Connections and right-click on the Local Area Connection icon. Click on Properties and make sure that the box File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is ticked.

Then open My Computer. What you now have to do is nominate those parts of each computer that you want to share. You don't say whether you have partitioned your drives or whether you have one big C: drive on each. Interpret the following if you have partitions.

If you have one big C: drive I would recommend that you make a new directory on your home pc called Laptop (or anything you like). Right-click on this and click Sharing and Security. Then tick the boxes "Share this folder on the network" and "Allow network users to change my files". Give the share a name - this is the name you will see on the other computer; call it "Shared" if you like. Click OK and exit out.

Do the same on My Documents to share it.

Now repeat the whole process on the other pc.

Note that if you want to share a whole partition a warning will show. Just click on "If you understand the risk..." and carry on as above.

The shared folders will now show up in My Network Places and you can copy and move files to your heart's desire.

You are best advised not to share the whole of your C: drive - that would allow somebody to access your Windows directory. Remember that your home pc might be fairly safe, but once you have shared a directory on your laptop, it is shared with anyone on any network the laptop is connected to, unless you password protect it.

  CLERK KENT 17:36 28 Mar 2005

Sorry but I do need an idiot's guide. I have two drives C&D. D is called HP_Recovery and is not accessed by me so all I have done is on C.

Following the above instructions I do not know how to make a new directory, is it the same as a new folder?

The folders that I want to share have been changed as requested on both computers.
I have rebooted but nothing isvisible.

I am now taking the wife to the cinema so will not see any replies until I return from work tomorrow evening.

  Curio 20:08 28 Mar 2005

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  Fingees 20:29 28 Mar 2005

you will get better response from the NETWORK FORUM

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