Is networking as simple as it looks?

  winstonwolf 18:49 27 Mar 2003

Been to pc world , they have a belkin pc network starter kit £29.99 two cards and 25m of cable , says on the box "put in the cards and connect the cable" is it really that easy and is this starter kit going to be any good ?? any help appreciated :o)

  Rayuk 18:58 27 Mar 2003

click here
All you need is a network card in each machine and a crossover RJ45 cable.
This is only for networking 2 machines.
I think you will be able to get them for a lot less than the £29.99 PCWorld want.
What are your requirements InternetSharing wise different ways of doing it

  winstonwolf 19:04 27 Mar 2003

i have 2 pc's and want to share my cable connection between the two , i also want to be able to transfer files from one to the other , is there anything else that can be done ??

  Forum Editor 19:06 27 Mar 2003

when only a couple of machines are involved, and the kit that you (and Rayuk )describe will do the job perfectly.

It's not usually the hard ware that causes problems with networking, it's the software configuration, but Windows (particularly WinXP) is pretty good at helping you through the setup procedure. Just run the networking wizard and follow the prompts - do it on both machines, and all should be well.

  Coaster3 19:09 27 Mar 2003

The easiest way I've found if you are on WinXP is to run the network wizard on the first machine then use you windows CD on the second machine. It all drops into place automatically.

  winstonwolf 19:10 27 Mar 2003

thanks mr editor , i shall go buy the kit :o)

  Rayuk 19:18 27 Mar 2003

Dont forget to turn off any firewalls before running the network wizard[Includes Winxps own Firewall]if relevant.
If you want to be able to use the Internet on both machines independently you will need to have a router.

  Rayuk 19:22 27 Mar 2003

Thought I had better make that clearer,if you dont have a Router installed you can use the Internet on your main pc[The one connected directly to your modem/cable box][without 2nd pc on.] but to use it on the second networked pc the main pc has to be on as well.

  winstonwolf 19:35 27 Mar 2003

i have found this : RJ45 Cat 5 Patch Cable Snagless 30MTR .. on e buyer for a fiver , the network cards are only £2 each aswell , would that be the right cable ??

  spikeychris 19:45 27 Mar 2003

If your mating only two machines you want to be looking for crossover cable.

So unless it Says crossover on the cable the it will not work.


  Rayuk 19:59 27 Mar 2003

These are they
click here

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