Networking and sharing between Win7, Vista and XP

  br1anstorm 14:05 07 Jul 2010

We have a small network of three computers, hard-wired together with a router. The main computer runs Win7 and drives the printer. The problem is that neither of the other two (one running Vista and the other XP Pro) can access or share files or folders on the Win7 computer. When either of these two tries to do so, the "Network Path Not Found" popup appears.

I have checked the obvious things:
- Firewall. All three have McAfee Total Protection suite. In the McAfee network map all three show up with their IP addresses and are in the 'Trusted Zone'. So McAfee can "see" them. But even with McAfee disabled, access to the Win7 computer isn't possible.
- Workgroup. All three computers are within the same, named, workgroup.
- Sharing. The Win7 Document folders are set up for sharing on read/write basis with everyone.
- Ping. Attempts to ping the Win7 computer from the XP Pro one fail (request times out).

A few other symptoms: The odd thing is that from the main Win7 computer it is possible to see and access shared folders on the other two (even though the XP one can't be placed on its network map).

But the XP one can't see and access the Win7 folders. Not only does the Win7 not show up in My Network Places, but in Windows Explorer>My Network Places>Microsoft Windows Network, the named workgroup shows up, but clicking on it either brings up the "Workgroup not accessible... contact your path not found" popup, or Windows Explorer hangs.

Can anyone identify the problem or suggest possible solutions?

  Marko797 15:16 07 Jul 2010

you will need to create a network called 'Homegroup' in win7 then network the other 2 machines to it.

'Workgroup' only works with xp and vista, to the best of my knowledge.

Try this first then come back.

  onthelimit 15:23 07 Jul 2010

This any help? click here

  br1anstorm 15:44 07 Jul 2010

Thanks, Marko797, but the Win7 computer - and lots of forum posts - say that a Homegroup can only be created with other Win7 computers. So that's not an option.

Thganks also to onthelimit. The forum discussion on that link seems to have several different explanations, and a multitude of rather complicated possible solutions. As a non-expert I fear that fiddling with BIOS settings and using command prompts is out of my league and that trying them may make the problem worse. But among those messages is a hint that McAfee may be to blame, and that disabling its firewall isn't enough - it has to be uninstalled. Seems drastic, but maybe that's one of the first things I should try?

  onthelimit 15:46 07 Jul 2010

Nothing to lose!

  Strawballs 22:44 07 Jul 2010

If you want to network 7 with any other O/S you need to switch off password protection in the 7 network setup

  T0SH 20:51 09 Jul 2010

Download and install the trial version of Cisco Network Magic install it on all your pc`s let it get your network set up and working, then you can choose to uninstall it from all pc`s or if you like it you can always pay the asking price for it

Cheers HC

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