Networking from scratch HELP

  Wrinkles 23:21 12 Feb 2003

When it comes to networks I havent got a clue so
I would appreciate a link to a site that gives the necessary info for setting up a small network from scratch, along with faq's or troubleshooting guide. Preferably in plain English.
I have the necessary hardware to set up a LAN sharing a cable broadband internet conection. I have 1 PC connected to the web via the cable modem and an ethernet NIC. A second NIC connects to a D-Link Hub. A second PC conects via a NIC to the hub. This is the initial setup a further two PC's to be added later.
The network neighbourhood, after much swearing a tweaking, now shows both PC's however although they are both set for sharing neither PC can be accessed from the other.

  armageddon_outta_here 23:28 12 Feb 2003

The obvious things:

1) Clear the firewalls, including XP's own firewall (ICF) to allow access.

2) Use your network wizard on XP (if you're got one).

3) Use search on this forum for network and you will see stacks of stuff, including links.

4) er that's it. Sorry I can't remember any more.

  Wrinkles 23:30 12 Feb 2003

Many thanks, thats a start.
I should have added that Both systems run Win98 SE although I have NT4 available if required

  Wrinkles 00:28 13 Feb 2003

C'mon please, someone must be clued up on this subject, Pretty please.

  billyliv 00:30 13 Feb 2003

Hi, To put you into the proper direction. Your cable modem should connect to the WAN port on your Broadband Router using a straight through Cat 5 cable. Port 1 (Lan) should connect to your computer, straight through cat 5 cable to your installed ethernet card. If you are trying to connect using an ordinary networking hub it will not work. Keep us informed as to your bits and bobs and hopefully we will get you up and running. Cheers, Bill

  ajm 00:34 13 Feb 2003

click here



click here

  fitshase 00:40 13 Feb 2003

This sometimes happens to me. Try the following:-

(assume machine 1 is called "home" and machine 2 is called "work")

on "home"
- click Start\Run

- type "\\work" (without the "")

- click OK

See if anything happens. If so, create a shortcut on your desktop and do vice versa for the "work" machine. Other than that I don't know.

As for the networking sites:-

click here



  Wrinkles 19:02 13 Feb 2003

Many thanks people. that gives me something to go at.

Small progress last night in that I can now see each PC from the other but as yet can not access them

  jazzypop 19:11 13 Feb 2003

It doesn't get simpler than at click here

  Wrinkles 12:10 15 Feb 2003

Thanks Jazzypop, That looks to be the one I want, I'll let you know how I get on.
So far Its not good. my last attempt caused a system crash and corrupted the rgeistry. But It was backed up.
Seems windows couldn't distinguish between two NIC's , 1 netgear and 1 D-link, both on main PC it installed the d-link driver to the netgear & vice versa, dont ask me why or how but it did then promptly crashed.
Aint computing fun?
many thanks anyway

  BlueMeanie 12:24 15 Feb 2003

Try having a shared folder on both PC's (Right click on the folder of your choice) This sometimes kicks networking into being on win 98

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