networking a scanner

  silliw 21:25 14 Feb 2003

Can anyone please advise if it possible to gain network access to a scanner connected to the host machine via USB. Both machines are running XP pro and I have full access to network shared drives and the host USB printer.

When I try to install the scanner software on the client machine I receive a software response that I have no twain driver loaded on the client machine.

Please advise.

  AndySD 21:31 14 Feb 2003

Although you can share printers, as far as I know you cannot do the same with scanners.

  Gerrycan 21:42 14 Feb 2003
  silliw 21:48 14 Feb 2003

sorry Gerrycan I must have missed the plot, what does your link poin to????

  eccomputers 22:34 14 Feb 2003

why would anyone want to network a scanner? will the paper you want to scan 'fly' over to the scanner and open/close the lid? you still have to go to the scanner physically, so why not use the pc it is connected to?

  Pauper 22:56 14 Feb 2003

silliw, I think I can safely assume that you wish to allow someone on a networked or 'client’ pc to operate a scanner attached to a host pc without having to disturb or interrupt the person already working on the host pc which can be very irritating for them. I have up to this point believed that networking a scanner is not viable, however I have just found this link which shows that it is indeed possible with some models/software click here hopefully the information contained in the link will point you in the right direction.

  eccomputers 23:58 14 Feb 2003

if the scanner is operated remotely, it will interupt the persons pc that it is connected to. There is quite a stream of data that has to be taken from the scanner and sent to the remote pc. Compared to printers, scanners are like lead weights.

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