Networking Question

  steveooo 10:14 07 Dec 2004

I have recetly added a third computer to my household, and now have 3 computers in total can someone tell me how i network these computers together..

My computer is in my Bedroom and connects to the broadband connection...

Just woondering what equipment i need to network them together.. can anyone help ???

  balcarras 10:24 07 Dec 2004

you have many options....

one could be to:

1. Install 10/100 network cards in each pc.
2. Purchase a mini 4 or 5 port switch.
3. Share your broadband connection on your pc to which it is connected.
4. Cable all your pc's to the switch.
5. Follow the Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) instructions you can find all over the web - just do a search on google.

If you don't want cables everywhere, then you will have to look at a wireless solution. Then you need to consider replacing your existing broadband modem with a combined switch/router/modem device.

Hope that helps a little.

  steveooo 10:32 07 Dec 2004

so i wire each pc the the switch,, but what cables do i use, and where is the best place to put the switch to save on wires..

  stylehurst 10:43 07 Dec 2004

I would suggest you get a router, connect your modem to the router. That way you can access the net from any machine without having to have the Internet connected machine always on.
Dependant on the location of your other machines you can either use wired connections between the router & the other machines, or wireless (more expensive)
If you are going down the wired route you need CAT cables & a NIC card in each machine.

  balcarras 10:44 07 Dec 2004

yes...all pc's are wired to the switch - think of it as the centre of a spiders web. You use CAT5e cable. I guess to save on cable you put the switch between the two closest pcs!! But it will depend on the layout of your house - you might not want cables in certain places!!

  steveooo 10:51 07 Dec 2004

how does it work then because i have a internal pci adsl modem how can i connect that to the router and so on,, tell me more ???

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