networking probs....(again)

  jonski 18:26 09 Feb 2003

Hi folks, another easy one for ya`s....i have 3 pc`s...i`ll call them 1,2&3....1 & 3 are running win ME....pc 2 i have just built and is running XP..problem is this...pc 1 & 3 c each other no probs...2 & 3 c each other...pc 3 sees both 1 & 2...yet pc 2 sees pc 1...but isn`t allowed access to it...pc 1 doesn`t recognize pc atall....any ideas....all protocols r the same on all 3 pc`s..i`ve run network sharing disks on all we speak...i`m transferring files from pc 1 to pc 2....but i`m having to do it via pc 3......this is kinda baffling i`ve never networked 3 comps before using ME & XP....i`ve been to practically netwoked website and can`t seem to find an answer.....any ideas.??

  jazzypop 18:56 09 Feb 2003

The most common cause of this kind of problem is a firewall that is not configured properly (remember XP also has a built-in firewall).

The fastest way is to uninstall any firewalls, and test again - if all is well, reinstall the firewall (it should detect the network as it is installed and configure itself appropriately).

  jonski 19:45 09 Feb 2003

tried that jazzy.....still not having it.....just tried redoing all protocols good...thanx anyway.

  jazzypop 21:48 09 Feb 2003

OK - back to basics :)

The only network protocol you need is TCP/IP

All PCs need to be set to the same Workgroup name, but have a unique Computer name

Try explicit (static) IP addresses -,,, all with subnet mask

Then click here and step through it carefully - don't be put off by the title, it is a very useful checklist :)

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