Networking problem -DNS adress changing to

  Arvind 19:15 18 Jan 2014

Recently i having problem maintaining the wireless internet connection on On checking properties on internet protocol I have set to find the dns server automatically as soon I have closed after few minutes it changes to the preferred dns address

any solution??

  Secret-Squirrel 10:51 19 Jan 2014

"DNS adress changing to"

That does sound a tad suspicious. To help determine whether it is or not, try this:

Open a Command Prompt window, type ping then press Enter on your keyboard.

What IP address do you get shown in the square brackets at the top of the output text?

  Secret-Squirrel 11:16 19 Jan 2014

.......I should have mentioned that you need to do the above while your DNS server is set to

  alanrwood 12:24 19 Jan 2014 is a special IP which leads nowhere. Your Hosts file uses it to send dubious preset IP addresses (eg known virus sites etc) to nowhere so you don't connect to them. Have a look at your hosts file (in Windows\System somewhere) and see if your normal router IP is being transferred to by the hosts file.

  Arvind 18:18 22 Jan 2014

Hi on command prompt i am getting ip address

Any clues

  alanrwood 19:47 22 Jan 2014

Pleasec exp[lain your last post in more detail as it means nothing to me.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:05 23 Jan 2014

"on command prompt i am getting ip address clues"

That's the correct IP address for Google so I'm less concerned that you've got a malware infection. If you have then I would've expected seeing an IP address in China or Eastern Europe. The last DNS hijack I looked at, when the user went to Google in his browser the page was served from somewhere in Russia.

Are you running any security software that might be running as a DNS server? If you're not sure, and you're moderately experienced, then you may be able to discover what's going on by copying and pasting this into a Command Prompt window:

netstat -ano|find ":53"

The far right-hand column shows the PID (process identifier), and using Task Manager you can match the PID to the name of a program or service. You may need to add the PID column to Task Manager, and make sure you click the "Show processes from all users" button. If you discover any process names then post them here.

  Arvind 08:32 24 Jan 2014

I am not getting anywhere with what do i do i am not a very tech person and cannot see what is wrong

  Secret-Squirrel 09:37 24 Jan 2014

If you're not aware of any special software you've got installed that's acting as a DNS proxy then all I can suggest is to scan for a malware infection. Run a full scan with your regular anti-virus software first then download, install, and run a "Quick Scan" with the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - you can get it from here. During installation, if you're prompted to install the free trial of the Pro version then de-select that option.

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