Networking problem !

  denchris 17:53 10 Jul 2003

Firstly may I thank all for past help. Please help again now, this should be a simple thing but I cannot get to grips with it. PC running XP pro and laptop running XP home.I am on NTL BB,I`m using a Linksys 4 port cable router with switching,I`ve followed all wizards and advice I can find, I can use the net on both M/c`s But share I can NOT. I would be delighted to share the printer which is on my PC, with my grandson on his laptop.. I am now getting desperate I am obviously missing something but what ? We keep getting told we need permissions but I have activated all I know about. The setup is cable modem to router to M/C`s thru ethernet adapters.
frustrated !

  keith-236785 18:13 10 Jul 2003

goto Start/all programs/accessories/ command prompt

type ipconfig (you will need to do this on both pcs), take a note of the ip address (usually 192.168.0.**) ** can be anything between 1 and 255,

then if the laptop is,

type int command prompt on the Desktop pc "ping" +press enter

it should take a minute, hopefully it will report success (4 packets sent, 4 packets recieved 100%)

if so then the network is ok.

if not then you might need to run the networking wizard again.

have you enabled/installed file and printer sharing?

lastly, have you got the firewalls enabled on both pcs, if so try turning them off one at a time starting with the laptop.

good luck

  denchris 19:03 10 Jul 2003

It seems I have network problem. ping between both, timeout. I`ve run wizard again and it accepts on PC but not on laptop, it says cannot complete. This is strange ? as we can both access the NET..

  denchris 19:34 10 Jul 2003

I have now turned off ICF on both and enabled file/print sharing..still no joy..

  jazzypop 20:58 10 Jul 2003

Have you ever installed Zonealarm on either PC? If so, you may need to do a full manual uninstall - the automatic installation frequently leaves fragments behind that blocks communications - click here

Have you set up any security requirements on the XP Pro PC? Are passwords required? Is the desktop set up as a domain server (XP Home can not log in to a domain).

Had the same prob,caused by Zone alarm,had both machines linked by cross over cable,switched ZA off machines shared printer files and scanner when I switched ZA back on,it regconised the new connection.Mind you still have not learnt to share the NTL.Use a usb hub and just swop the hub output to laptop or main machine as everything goes thro the hub anyway.Have fun.

  keith-236785 21:38 10 Jul 2003

have you got both lan cards (one in each computer) set to automatically detect ip address?

if so then try setting them to manual and use as the desktop pc (subnet

and the Laptop as (subnet

then try again, good luck

  denchris 21:44 10 Jul 2003

ZA ? yes ! on laptop. I`ll remove it pronto..

  keith-236785 05:24 11 Jul 2003

when you say remove ZA, if you shutdown ZA, the true vector still runs (unless You have uninstalled).

delete the ZA entry from Startup

(Start/all programs/startup)

then shutdown ZA, then reboot your pc, that removes ZA without uninstalling it

good luck

  denchris 12:21 11 Jul 2003

Good grief, and I thought I was an insomniac !
I have now tried all combinations offered and the best I can get is, shared internet OR shared comps, I simply cannot get both, I think for sanity sake I`ll buy a printer for my grandson and settle for shared net access.. Thanks for all help, I`ll keep looking anyway

  keith-236785 20:52 11 Jul 2003

lol, i had just got up for work and thought i would throw that at you (i just had time to type it), doesnt matter if it didnt actually help you (though i wish it had), it might help someone else.

good luck with installing your new printer......

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