networking problem

  skye1205 08:17 23 Feb 2004

i have 2 pc's running windows XP - the client pc can access the internet etc no problems but in the network places neither of the pc's can see each other they are names correctly etc - i never had this problem until last week when we went ADSL any ideas ?

  Ben.s 09:25 23 Feb 2004

1)exchange files?
2)use internet on both machines?
3)are u using your ADSL modem as a router?

  skye1205 09:44 23 Feb 2004

to exchange files use internet etc - at present i can use internet on both pc's also i can get into files by doing a search for the other pc what the main problem is in network places the workgroup is not accesible i am using a asdl modem and a cross link cable which was fine until i got adsl its just the workgroup that has the problems they are named correctly etc

  Ben.s 12:36 23 Feb 2004

if so check the port is enabled.
if your using USB then START/right click MY COMPUTER and select device manager scroll through untill you can find your ADSL modem,double click on your modem and check it is working properly.

  Ben.s 12:38 23 Feb 2004

why not get 2 msn addresses and go on msn on both acounts u could go into file sharing
that seems simple sorry i cant help

  skye1205 13:05 23 Feb 2004

yeah everything is all working ok its as i said just a case of mshome not accesible so i think its time for a router hopefully it will solve the problems

  Ben.s 13:36 23 Feb 2004

do u wana buy my router off me?
it is a ADSL2000 binatone modem/router what internet provider do u have?

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