networking a printer via wireless router

  rhiansara 20:54 12 Aug 2007

Hi, I have been trying to connect my printer to my wireless network so that i can print from my laptop without actually plugging it into the printer.
It this possible?
I've tried everything I can think of but just cannot seem to get it to work - any suggestions would be great!
Thank you

  ambra4 21:32 12 Aug 2007

Wireless Printing

click here

Or you can use a wireless printer server

click here

  Strawballs 22:33 12 Aug 2007

I have a wireless router with a printer connected to one of the desktops and can print to that from any of the PC's in my network (as long as the PC with the printer is switched on) all you have to do is swithch on file and printer shareing on the machine with printer on it and then go to printers on the others and add printer > networked printer browse for the printer then connect to it and make it the default printer then it will go to that printer when you hit print.

  rhiansara 19:33 15 Aug 2007

I have tried to share this printer but when I try to print from my laptop wirelessly it says that there is a communication error. May this be to do with my PC being XP and the laptop being Vista?


  Ashrich 22:21 15 Aug 2007

To add a printer in Vista go to start/settings/printers , add a printer , add a network , wireless or bluetooth , click next , if it cannot be found ( host PC and printer must be turned on ) you can have the option to browse for it on the network , select the printer , and providing there are Vista drivers for it , they will be loaded . First of all though , go into the printer properties on the XP machine ( select printer , right click , select properties and the second tab at the top should say " sharing " tick the box to share , there will also be the option to load other OS drivers , do that if necessary .


  rhiansara 09:56 19 Aug 2007

i have tried to load the other drivers but it is asking me to insert a CD for them, which I do not have!
can these drivers be downloaded from the net?


  Ashrich 11:15 19 Aug 2007

Yes , just download them from the manufacturers web site.


  kristain 06:25 20 Sep 2011


After installing and configuring the wireless router, plug your printer into the wireless router by attaching the printer’s USB cable into the USB port on the router. All computers that have previously used this printer may now have access to the wireless network or you may bridge wired network to continue being able to print using printer having wireless router. Get more information to Connect Wireless Printer to Router. Hope this information helps you.

  mgmcc 11:53 20 Sep 2011


"Hope this information helps you."

Maybe a little late, the thread you've posted in is four years old!

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