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  Phyllis 10:48 13 Apr 2004

i have recently bought the netgear wireless adsl router and works fine. the router is connected to my dell laptop using an ethernet wire and sony laptop via built in wireless connection. however when i clicked the network neighbourhood, i cannot see my dell from the sony laptop. the modem works fine and both machines seem to have register the router. so what have i done wrong? your help is much appreciated. thank you.

  Rigga 11:39 13 Apr 2004

Hi Phyllis,

A couple of things to try,

Make sure any firewalls, have let through the IP addresses of your two laptops.

Make sure they are both in the same domain.
Make sure you can ping the one laptop from the other.

Make sure you have file and printer sharing installed.

Make sure that you have shared a folder from the one machine, to connect to on the other.

If you are using XP on either machine, and you do not use passwords, then you will need to enable blank password network sharing, post back is you need this.

If all of the above are ok, then just try to connect a shared drive to your other laptop, by right click my computer, and map network drive.. then just type.. \\laptopname\sharedDrive

If any or all of the above does not make sense, then post back and I'll go through one step at a time.


  Phyllis 02:30 15 Apr 2004

Hi Rigga,
Thank you so much for your help. However, being a new beginner in networking. I wonder if you would kindly enough to go through your solutions one step at a time please.
Thanks again.


  Gaz 25 03:14 15 Apr 2004

The problem outlined could be caused by the settings, please follow my information below carefully. These are based on assuming you run Windows XP.

1) Hard to start > control panel

2) Network adapters or connections

3) Find the LAN adapter.

4) Right click on Local Area Connection > Properties.

5) When dialog appears > TCP/IP > click and highlight > properties or advanced.

6) Then where it says let windows choose and obtain IP address, use the assign IP address manually.

7) In the IP address area on the main PC type

on the next computer do the same but with IP address:

In subnet mask just click, XP puts it in for you. or something it should be.

Complete, done. Now retry.

  Rigga 08:49 15 Apr 2004

Hi Phyllis,

Has what Gaz 25 stated, which was to set the IP addresses of the two computers, worked for you?

If not post back and I'll try to go through one step at a time, as I said previously.


  Phyllis 16:07 15 Apr 2004

Hi Gaz 25 and Rigga,
I have tried Gaz 25's suggestion, but as soon as I put the ip address in, my zonealarm firewall looked as if it recognised the new network and hence I clicked ok to the message (well, there is no other option anyway) which popped up stating a new network was found. However, it was at this point the 2 laptops did not recognise the modem and could not get any internet connection. So is the firewall blocking the internet connection or what? Thanks guys for your great help.

  Gaz 25 16:07 15 Apr 2004

Just noticed.

Hard to start

Should be:

Head to start

  Gaz 25 16:13 15 Apr 2004

The firewall may very well be blocking it.

However you need to set the gateways to ask your router for the internet sometimes.

In the same properties as we were before:

DNS server and Gateway: put in the I of your router.

  Gaz 25 16:39 15 Apr 2004

"Put in the IP address of your router" that should have said.

  Charence 16:55 15 Apr 2004


Have you tried switching on both computers, and running the Network Setup Wizard on both machines? This should work. The wizard will ask you the internet connection you want to share and everything should be automatically done for you.


  Phyllis 09:58 16 Apr 2004

Yes, I have tried to run the network setup wizard on both machines but the Sony laptop does not seem to have recognise a wireless network, so could not proceed.

I therefore installed the Netgear WG511 network adapter card which is connected at 54 mps to the Sony (which is the second machine). It was fine to start with, then the connection lost completely after I turned off the machines and turned back on again. I don't think I did anything in between. I am starting to lose my temper now..... Please help me guys!

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