Networking & Outlook express

  Eusebius 14:30 19 Jan 2004

I have networked two computers, both running XP Home. I want both computers to access the same Outlook Express. Can this be done because I find that each computer defaults to it's own Outlook Express.

The reason I want to do this is because I want to send and receive using the one e-mail account - but I want what both computers have sent and received to be seen on both computers (just in case someone knows another way).

  Jester2K 14:41 19 Jan 2004

With a POP account this will be difficult. You can ask OE to leave a message on the server so that you can download a message more than once but the Sent Items etc etc will not match.

Hotmail accounts can do this. Forward your mail to a Hotmail account and then each OE looking at the Hotmail account will see the Inbox, Sent Items etc on the server and will always be the same. Any changes made by one PC will be updated on the other the next time its synchronised with Hotmail.

  Eusebius 18:42 19 Jan 2004

When using the hotmail method, is that with respect to downloading the hotmail into Outlook Express. Don't I have to leave a message on the server, for the other user to download. And if I do that, won't the messages build up on the server until it's full?

  Jester2K 07:21 20 Jan 2004

No with Hotmail OE just copies the messages from the server on to your PC and OE acts like a mirror copy of the Hotmail Mailbox. When you delete a message in the PC it deletes it on Hotmail server.

So if you download 5 messages on PC 1 into the Inbox and delete 2, when PC 2 looks they will see 3 messages in the Inbox and 2 in deleted items. If they then delete one more from the Inbox, empty the Deleted items folder and move a message to Archive, then when PC 1 looks later they will see 1 in the Inbox, nothing in the Deleted Items and 1 in Archive. This will also be the same as on the Hotmail Server.

The only way the mail box will fill up is if you never delete any messages.

  Eusebius 22:56 20 Jan 2004

That sounds like it will work for me. Thanks for the advice.

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