Networking or should i say (net wont working)

I have two laptops both with the correct RJ45 plugs, 1 crossover lead and niether laptop can see files on the other.

I am wondering if there is an incompatability problem with the older laptop as the newer one can connect with my desktop network via this port with no problems at all the older one cannot.

I have been through every setting as recomended in other links on this site and even compared the settings were the same on each laptop, I turned off firewalls and set up sharing but thats as far as i get.

Hope this makes sense???

I would appriciate any input on the subject, Many Thanks in advance

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  mgmcc 22:48 24 Jan 2004

You don't mention the version(s) of Windows the two laptops are using.

Have you configured them to be in the same workgroup but with individual names, given them fixed, but different, IP addresses (such as and or and with the same subnet mask of

If the newer laptop is getting a dynamic IP address from the desktop because, for example, you have Internet Connection Sharing set up in the desktop, this could be the problem when trying to connect to the older laptop as there is no way for it to get an automatic IP address.

There shouldn't be an incompatibility problem with the older laptop but the settings are probably incorrect.

Both laptops are running XP Home.

They are both in MSHome with different names.

I have not allocated ip addresses they were issued by windows

I only tried connecting them individually to the desktop to confirm if they would work.

I actually want to connect them to each other not the desktop, I only did this to confirm they were working and the newest one connects OK the older one will not for some reason.

This is why I think its an incompatibility issue.

  mgmcc 23:27 24 Jan 2004

<<<I have not allocated ip addresses they were issued by windows>>>

I don't see how IP addresses could have been allocated by Windows unless "Internet Connection Sharing" has been enabled on a 'host' PC, which then runs a DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to any ICS 'client' PCs.

In the absence of ICS, you will have to allocate fixed IP addresses to both PCs in either the 10.0.0.x range or the 192.168.0.x range, with a subnet mask of

Give it a try at any rate.

Certainly will. As I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will try in the morning.
Many Thanks for the sugestions.

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  Chegs ® 06:07 25 Jan 2004

Once you have manually cfg'ed the IP addresses,wait a decent length of time(at least 15 mins)between tries to connect,as XP tends to be slow realising there is another pc the other end.There is a registry key can be deleted to speed it up once working click here Also make sure XP's own firewall isn't running.
click here

I have done as mgmcc suggested and cofigured the IP addresses as follows:

New Laptop Named (DAD) subnet mask
older Laptop Named (Carl) subnet mask

I can see carl in mshome on the new laptop.

I cannot see dad on the old one.

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  mgmcc 11:52 25 Jan 2004

1) In each laptop's "My Network Places" you should see BOTH PCs.

2) Each laptop should be able to 'ping' both and

3) In the older one, which cannot see the newer one, go to "Start > Search" and do a search for the newer one, either by name - dad - or by IP address.

4) If you are running any firewall software, make sure that both IP addresses are in the "trusted" zone.

<<<Can anyone suggest a good wig maker?>>>

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1) new sees old only when i click the icon it says contact administrator regarding permisions.

2) tried it returns destination host unreachable x 4.

3) search failed to find it by ip or name.

4) No firewalls are running I disabled them at the start and just checked they are still disabled.

5) Excellent link :0

  mgmcc 13:16 25 Jan 2004

Can you humour me by changing the IP addresses to and

Then go to "Start > Run" type cmd and click OK to open a command prompt window.

Type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes but with the space and check that the IP addresses in the two machines are actually shown as and with a subnet mask of

It SHOULD all be so blindngly simple that there must be something obvious that I'm missing. (I've got 3 Win XP PCs networked, all set up manually and I've never had a problem.)

Firewalls can be funny things and, although you may think it is disabled, it could still be blocking access. It might be better to have it running but allowing access than 'apparently' disabled.

Just enough time to do it before work becons me

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