Networking or sharing Outlook e-mail?

  panhandle 22:43 20 Dec 2005

My wireless network is up & running OK, file sharing & sync using 'allways'. On the e-mail side I've imported address book from host to client OK, and can send/receive e-mail.
It seems to be "first come first served" as to which machine gets messages, ie from where I send/receive. Also sent messages reside on the machine sent from.
My question is - can Outlook be mirrored in the same way as document file sharing?
Many thanks for any help.I have looked around the forums but cannot see anything.

  mgmcc 23:00 20 Dec 2005

Do you mean "Outlook" or "Outlook Express"? In Microsoft Outlook, you should be able to keep the two copies the same by synchronising Outlook's .PST file. Get Windows to "search" for *.pst to find the location of the files.

  panhandle 23:19 20 Dec 2005

I've searched for *.pst and am only finding a file of any size in back-up in C on host,it is 56 Mb - is this the right place to look? Being dim again,but I am learning from all of this,which is great.,

  panhandle 23:40 20 Dec 2005

I now searched in Windows as suggested, including hidden files and folders and got a nil result. ?

  mgmcc 23:56 20 Dec 2005


C"\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

You will need to have Windows Explorer set to show "Hidden file and folders" or the Local Settings folder and its Application Data sub-folder will be hidden.

  panhandle 00:34 21 Dec 2005

Looked there - what I can find, including hidden folders, is:

outcmd - DAT file 1.23KB
outlook - FAV 24.6KB
outlook - Ofice Data 13.9KB
outlook.srs - 3KB
VIEWS - DAT file 3.0KB
archive - Office Data 5.29MB
extend - DAT file 1.29KB
Outlook - Office Data 64.2MB

Most of these will not open in Notepad or Explorer, so I'm still out of my depth.
I'm afraid I need to sign off now, shall have a look back here in the morning for any ideas- many thanks.

  Forum Editor 07:52 21 Dec 2005

over a home network, but you'll need some third party software to do it properly.

click here for details.

  mgmcc 08:23 21 Dec 2005

You are looking in the wrong folder. You are in:

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

You need to look in:

C"\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

(You have missed out the "Local Settings" part of the path.)

  mgmcc 08:30 21 Dec 2005

<<< You can indeed 'mirror' Outlook mail folders over a home network, but you'll need some third party software to do it properly. >>>

"panhandle" has the Allway Sync program installed (per another thread) and this works alright for Outlook synchronisation, because I've set the same thing up for someone else.

  panhandle 11:37 21 Dec 2005

When I correct the path you gave me mgmcc, to: [C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook]I find these:

Outlook - 69.5Mb Archive.pst, Extend.pst, Extend.dat, Outlook.pst and so on
Outlook - 64.2Mb Office Data

Regrettably I have to go out again, I shall return, try these and post again. I've also looked at Forum Ed's suggestion, and between the two of you I'm positive, many thanks.

  panhandle 22:24 21 Dec 2005

.....I have been trying to synchronise the Outlook folder in the above path, both to the equivalent folder path on the laptop, and when that failed just to My Documents [to drag across].

Failed again for the same reason "API Call Error; Network Path not found; "\\Userslaptop\..........\getvolumeinfo_failed"

I cannot see anything in the help file on Allway sync, and I don't want to spend $40 on FE's suggested software if it may fail for the same reason, although I will of course spend it if I have to!!

Any more thoughts?

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