Networking or not networking in my case

  hoodlums 09:14 18 Jun 2004

My lack of understanding once again finds me reachinfg for the gods of the forum...

I'm trying to set up a basic server based network. The basics of which are as follows...

. an NTL line comong in (512k)
. into a Belkin 4 port router/hub
. to 1 wi-fi access point, 1 Win2kPro desktop and another desktop which I'm trying to set up as a server (Wins2k server)to help me study.

The server is the problem, the other machines can see each other and share whatever is shared. The server is not so happy. It cannot see or be seen by anything. IP addresses are all within the range the router is set to allow.

Is it possible that the network should be set up without the router first ie. through a regular hub.

  pmjd 09:48 18 Jun 2004

have you tried pinging the other computers from the server or vice versa? Might help narrow down the problems such as any hardware faults.

Are the desktops set as members of a workgroup? If so you may have to change them to the domain that the server is set as.

Have you tried accessing the server from one of the desktops by typing this into windows explorer:
\\server name\c$
that should get you into it even if they can't see each other due to different domains/workgroups.

Sorry for the random thoughts but I have only limited experience with windows networks/servers.


  recap 11:18 18 Jun 2004

On the client machines go to Start/Run and type in nslookup. This will give you the IP address of the DNS server it is looking at.

Steps in setting up a W2K, once you have configured the locale etc, you should select the advanced option to configure the IP addresses of your network, in the Network connection window. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)/Properties, from here enter the IP address of your server and DNS server. If you are not sure of the subnet mask click the window and it should appear for you.

If you have already configured AD with a domain then, right click My Computer on your desktop and select the Network ID tab. Here you will see the FQDN for your domain. This is the name that should be entered in the Network ID of the client machines.

  recap 11:21 18 Jun 2004

One other suggestion, there is an excellent tutorial if click here and select the W2K server button.

  hoodlums 12:01 18 Jun 2004

All good stuff...

I had tried to ping with no luck but the other stuff I'll try tonight... I did remove the dhcp settings from the router hoping that the server would take over the process.

I'll have more fun with it tonight.

Cheers guys

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