Networking or GoBack slowing down surfing

  Boluwd 22:23 02 Nov 2003

I have setup a basic LAN with a crossover Cat5 cable between a XPHome as host and Win98SE client. The XP machine has the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB modem attached and the LAN was setup using the network wizard for ICS and File Printer sharing. The problem is that the opening of web pages takes a very long time. Sometimes it is fine and I can get up to 480-500Kbps downloads but after a while the "downloading" of web pages just takes forever or hangs.This is on the host PC even when the Win98 client isn't turned on.

Network diagnostics show passes in the relevant places. I have uninstalled Zone Alarm (freebie) but I have McAfee AV running.
My host pc has the Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mobo, which has a 3Com Intg Fast ethernet controller and an NVIDIA nForce MCP networking controller and two 1394 NetAdapters. The connection between the two PCs uses the 3COM connection and the wizard set up a MAC bridge miniport. I have unbridged the NVidia controller and the two 1394 adapters (whatever they are) and these three appear under the LAN or High Speed Internet heading in Network connections. The LAN 3Com and network bridge appear under Network bridge.

The Alcatel USB modem appears under dial up and is shared/firewalled (XPs own). Under broadband it has (my ISP)described as disconnected and device WAN Miniport PPOE.

I really thought things were going to be straightforward but I found that I couldn't access the web from the client and solved that by changing the internet security setting on Zone Alarm from High to Medium. I've since uninstalled Zone Alarm. The only other addition has been The installation of GoBack Deluxe V3. Does this have an affect on internet speed?
Oh, I have also disabled uPNP using Gibson Research disable tool.
Any ideas on my setup, does it look right, why is my internet speed dropping to snails pace? I'd appreciate your thoughts, it's making me mad!

  jonmaine 22:51 02 Nov 2003

I have had similar problems to you and posted a message at 22.05 titled virgin & d link.
Have a look at it and see if you have the same problems. Have you resorted to back up dial up?

  Boluwd 23:26 02 Nov 2003

Sorry, I read and replied to your earlier posting before coming back to this one! No I haven't resorted to the backup, in fact I haven't set that up yet. I feel I'm paying Virgin enough with my monthly fee without going back to payasyougo!
I'll have to email them AGAIN!

As you maybe aware that the program 'GO-BACK'

As you maybe aware that the program 'GO-BACK'is a very good program for tracking those people-mistakes by taking a snapshot of your every move while on the computer but, it does interfere with certain windows applications, and yes, that does unfortunatly include 'Web-Surfing' but it's a case of speed or keeping 'GO-BACK' on your machine, as I have found that a program of this size does use quite alot of memory...

You can program the system to use less memory for 'GO-BACK' but it may not capture all your work by keeping sub-copies of your data, although it will speed up the internet a little...

However, don't use less than 10% of the drive or the system may fall over.


  Boluwd 10:36 03 Nov 2003

Thanks for the reply John. From other postings it appears that the biggest culprit with my speed problem was in fact the ISP (Virgin)who have been upgrading their systems. I think I'll stick with GoBack but it doesn't half make a racket in the beginning until it settles down!

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