networking with NTL

  WaiKent 10:16 23 Oct 2003

i was going to network two pcs together and i have 150k NTL bb and have brought a router. is it just the case of plugging the wires into the router and configuring IP. would there be any problems with this, and do NTL support networking with their modem?

  AndySD 13:05 23 Oct 2003

What is the make/model of the router and is the modem connection usb or are you connected to the tv box?

  AndySD 13:06 23 Oct 2003

What is the make/model of the router and is the modem connection usb or are you connected to the tv box?

  WaiKent 17:36 23 Oct 2003

i am connected with USB and i dont think it matters with the make of the router, but it has a WAN port for the modem and 4 LAN ports i guess for client pcs.

  clucker 21:27 23 Oct 2003

have just networked mine on Ntl bb using a router, Ntl actually have some info, although very basic, on their homepage under "Broadband, home networking" but they dont actually support it. IT was just a case of plugging wires in & configuring IP's, although that took time being a novice. dont forget to enable "file & print sharing.!!!

  DAG88 21:42 23 Oct 2003

all you need to do is register your MAC address with NTL so that you can use netwrok cables from your modem. To do this, go to start -> run then type "ip config" in the box. this will tell you your MAC address. explain to NTL you want to connect using your network cable and therefore want to register your MAC address. you must have a network card mind.

  DAG88 21:44 23 Oct 2003

hold on, it's not ip config you type into the run command. I shall try to find out what it is.....

  DAG88 21:49 23 Oct 2003

i made a mistake. (this is for windows XP by the way). Open Command prompt (type CMD in the run box) then a window that looks like MS DOS will appear. in there type "ipconfig/all" and hit enter. The address you need is called the physical address, otherwise known as the MAC address

  DAG88 21:52 23 Oct 2003

if you use Windows ME, you could try typing the command in MS DOS, it could work. if you have windows 98, try rebooting in MS DOS then typing the command. I cannot test if these will work, they are only suggestions!!!

  WaiKent 15:43 24 Oct 2003

ok ok. well im still wondering here. first off. two computers all wires connected to router. each with Ethernet card obviously. what IP's do i need and how do i start setting it up. like where do i put the ips etc..

  DAG88 15:55 24 Oct 2003

you don't need IP addresses. You choose 1 PC to get it's MAC address (Physical address) then register this with your ISP by phoning them up. Once you connect your PCs to the router you will need to type it's IP address into the address bar in your internet browser. mine is in here you should get a congiguration screen. There should be sumwhere that you can clone the MAC Address. Do this setup on the computer that you got the MAC for so that it clones the MAC address you rergistered with your ISP

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