Networking but Not Networking ???

  Lady Lara 22:52 05 Sep 2004

I currently have 2 PCs linked via crossover cable. If I add a third pc cani not just add another 10/100 pc car to my machine and link that 3rd PC to it? Am not bothered about PC 2 and 3 seeing each other just PC 1 + 2 and PC 1 + 3. Will it cause conflictions??

Have thought about networking but had this profoundly strange idea!!!

  keith-236785 23:18 05 Sep 2004

to link three or more pc's together the best way would be to use a hub, but for this you would need straight (sometimes called Patch) network cables which means replacing what you already have working.

i dont know if it is possible to network another (third) pc by just adding another network card to the main pc (pc1) and using a crossover cable as you have done to pc2. maybe someone with more knowledge will jump in and elaborate (think its spelt right lol).

if you are looking for a setup which would allow pc3 to access the internet without other pc's being on then you would need a router. kinda gets confusing dont it!!

good luck, just wait a while for some more advice

  Strawballs 23:19 05 Sep 2004

Don't know I've never thought of that before have always gone down the route of a hub for that scenario but i'm sure someone will be able to enlighten you.

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