networking with norton firewall

  Viv-208691 11:16 07 Apr 2004

hi there, i have got a wireless network set up with 3 xp computers. All 3 have norton firewall software on them which seem to prevent the network from working. does anyone know if there is a setting i can change so the software will allow my network to work but will also keep it safe.

Kind regards

  Xevious 11:36 07 Apr 2004

you need to allow access to the IP range that you're trying to set your LAN on.

with this IP range blocked you won't get access to any of the 3 PC's...

  Viv-208691 11:38 07 Apr 2004

thanks, do you know how i do that on norton?

  Smiler 11:40 07 Apr 2004

I use zone alarm and have had to configure it to allow access through my pci card so that the computers can see each other. You'll have to find out where this is in norton but it's in firewall / zones in zone alarm.

  Xevious 11:44 07 Apr 2004

open the firewall and select configure, go to the home networking tab and add an IP range there.

i'm stating this blin, as i don't have norton firewall in front of me, but do use it at home, so any steps above may vary slightly...


  Xevious 11:44 07 Apr 2004

blind, not blin... lol

  Smiler 11:45 07 Apr 2004
  Viv-208691 12:15 07 Apr 2004

I'm sorry for being ignorant but i cant see the 'configure' tab anywhere. I have Norton Personal Firewall 2003. When i double click the firewall icon it just shows me the system status, there are no options available

What am i doing wrong?!!

Kind regards

  Smiler 12:48 07 Apr 2004

Have you tried - start - programs - norton etc
to start the main program window.

  Xevious 12:49 07 Apr 2004

when you double click the icon and you get the system status, click on firewall on the left, i think on the right it will show a button for configure...?

  Viv-208691 00:40 25 May 2004

thanks xevious, sorry for my stupidity! All good and proper now

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