networking no connection between pc's

  Mitch29 20:41 14 Feb 2003

Im having a problem networking my two pc's ethernet cards went into both .I have managed to get both pc's to connect with each other, but can not for the life of me get the internet connection to work between both . I have a broardband connection . is it because of this I can not connect. Its two normal 10/100 ethernet cards bought from Pc world any ideas would be much appreciated.

  LastChip 20:57 14 Feb 2003

What operating system(s) are you using?

Have you installed Internet Connection Sharing?

Do you have a Firewall enabled?

  Mitch29 20:58 14 Feb 2003

ps both 98se.

  Mitch29 21:00 14 Feb 2003

I do have a fire wall and it all starts to go wrong when internet connection sharing runs

  LastChip 21:10 14 Feb 2003

You must have the network running properly before you attempt to share the internet connection (and yes, it will run on broadband).

Can you share drives and/or files OK?

If that side is running well, temporarily disconnect your Firewall, until such times as you can run ICS (internet connection sharing) OK.

Basically, you should load ICS on the machine that has the broadband modem connected. ICS will prompt you to create a floppy disk to run on your other machine. After installation, the ICS should (in theory) work, but many have had problems setting it up.

Please can you tell us how far along the line you have got, and perhaps expand a little on exactly what happens when things go wrong.

  Mitch29 21:15 14 Feb 2003

network appears to run ok.files can be shared and drives accessed both ways. but what I have not done in the past is to disconnect the firewall . doh. when loadind Ics it all seems to go ok , but when trying to start on other Pc the pc will not connect , is it the firewall. ps many thanks so far .

  LastChip 21:16 14 Feb 2003

click here

will give you a step by step guide on how to set-up ICS properly.

  LastChip 21:21 14 Feb 2003

If so, it needs to be configured to allow your network to operate properly, but as you can access files etc., I would have thought that it has already accepted the network.

However, Firewalls are a very serious problem for ICS. That is not to say you can't use them, you can, but in order to rule it out of the equation, disconnect it for the time being, until you can find success with ICS.

  Mitch29 16:47 15 Feb 2003

ok heres how its going.
we have uninstalled the sygate personal firewall and reinstalled ICS however, on the guide posted earlier there are 2 screeen that are shown that dont actually come up. the connection selection screen, and the adapter connection screen. also, when running icslset on the client pc it says that it will set the internet explorer browser to use the LAN as its default connection, howevere this does not happen, having looked in internet settings, there is still no connection selected, and when LAN is set it cannot detect the settings autmatically.
there seems to be a serious error somewhere along here. any ideas?

  Mitch29 17:17 15 Feb 2003

its working
but after realising that the ics wizard was not working properly we followed the manual config instructions on the website and did finally get it sorted. having changed the ip address on the client to *.254 from *.2 as dhcp uses this and setting the DNS host name correctly (bad spelling ;p) it is up and running!!
many thanks to lastchip for poiting me in the right direction.
now time to go update the PC :(
thanks again

  LastChip 18:34 15 Feb 2003


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